Win A 90 Serving Supply of Dehydrated Survival Food

Yo yo yo – so! I want to give a big shout out to all of you readers that used the Amazon affiliate search bar (in the sidebar) this month. That’s power prime! Much appreciated.

You need to buy something online? It doesn’t matter what it is. Just type it into the Amazon search bar, buy it, and SHTF Blog gets a small commission on the sale, helps make the site possible.

We try to return the favor by bringing you sweet SHTF survival writing. It also helps when an advertiser says, “Hey – let’s give something away.”

Forge Survival Supply is giving away …. THIS:

A 90 serving supply of 25-year shelf life dehydrated FOOD (click the link for full product description). Breakfast, lunch and dinner, baby, it’s all in there.  The bucket of food has a retail value of $157.49.

Check it:

Emergency Reserve’s 90 Serving Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner Emergency Food Supply contains an assortment of great tasting, long lasting meals. All of our meals have been dehydrated to achieve a 25-year shelf life. Our meals come in heavy duty mylar pouches, which are stored inside of high quality plastic buckets. For best results, the buckets should be stored in a cool dry place. This emergency food supply contains 1 bucket.

Hot? Yes, it is.

The deal is simple, as always. You write ONE comment on this post before 9/7. If you want to enter more than once, you’ll have to comment more than once – but you’ll have to do it from a different computer. I’m onto you double-entry sneaky SHTF survival preppers.

Comment on THIS question:

What role, if any, should dehydrated 25-year shelf life food have in preppers’ food storage?

I like the “set it and forget it” aspect of dehydrated food. What do you like or dislike?

Remember – one comment. Good luck.

– Ranger Man

BTW: Thanks again for that Amazon shopping.