Why No Body Armor Posts?

Reader “EA” sends me an email that states:

Maybe I missed it, but why have you not put in any body armor posts? Like bullet proof vests, helmets, etc.? Or did I miss this? I would think you would want this kind of gear for any survival SHTF situation.

Then I think, holy crap, I really don’t have any body armor posts … and perhaps a bit coincidentally, I haven’t written a post about THIS:

It’s an old, heavy piece of body armor that I got … for free! Jealous much? I would be, too. Don’t ask how or why, I didn’t loot it. I didn’t steal it. Someone I know that comes across a lot of old stuff texted me a couple months ago and writes “u want an old suit of body armor?” I read that, do a double take, and type “hell ya!”

What exactly is it? I don’t know. It’s old, used, came from a correctional facility. I suspect the correctional facility upgraded their body armor and the old stuff just got dumped, left somewhere, or who knows what?

Here is a stamp on the suit of armor in case any old body armor experts out there can help a homie out:

I write back to “EA” and say, “great idea – thanks – content to come.”

Little did he know I actually know very little …. about body armor. I’ve just always had other SHTF preparedness needs that my budget never got to body armor level. I know it comes at different levels, different grades, and prices rise accordingly. That’s all I know. That is the end of this body armor post.

Except it’s not.

EA responds:

Cool, I think body armor would come in handy if you’re going to get into any gun fights, then having body armor is just as important as a gun. I mean, cops, swat, army wear them, so why not a survivalist? It would really give you a big advantage in any combat situation as almost nobody has body armor. There is what like 30 million guns in America, but maybe hardly any non law enforcement person has any kind of bullet proof vest.

Ummmm ….. yes, I suppose it would ……

Did I ever mention the person I know also found me a military grade Kevlar helmet once?

I sold it on eBay.


– Ranger Man