What Will It Take To Wake Us Up?

Every once in a while I look around at what we – Americans – have become and I can’t help but think that maybe an economic crash wouldn’t be that bad a thing.  We’ve become a nation of self-absorbed, fat, lazy, video game players and I’m not so sure that putting the games aside and getting out in the garden would be a bad thing.  I think a lot of people these days need a lot more exercise and a lot less time in front of the wide-screen TV set, not to mention eating fresh vegetables from their gardens as opposed to pizza delivered right to their door step.

We’ve had to learn a whole new set of skills in order to survive in today’s world.  When I was a kid I worked at a local grocery store and the owner – a guy named Clayton, but who everybody called Klate – put me to work and taught me how to count change.  I can still remember counting change the old fashioned way, by using math in my head.  I haven’t seen many people count change that way in a long time.  However, they can run a bar code across a scanner faster than you can blink an eye and count out the change the computer gives them with reasonable accuracy.

Instead of reading a map these days you have to know how to use a Tom-Tom.  Instead of hiking in the mountains or playing tackle football on the weekend kids now play Xbox.  Instead of reading a book you have to know how to run a remote control or a Kindle.   Here’s one indicator – at least in my mind – of how pathetic we’ve become.  I saw a news program the other day about how wonderful the Wii is because it causes you get up and move around in front of the tv instead of sitting in front of it.  Hello?  Did I miss something??

It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to have a conversation with the younger folk without having a cell phone buzz, beep, chirp or sing during the course of our talk.  What really gets me is when they stop talking, grab the phone, and start texting someone right in the middle of our conversation.  Is it that important to reply to your friend, “LOL!  OMG THATS SO FUNNY!” than it is to have a real life conversation?  I’ve been known to grab my daughter’s cell phone and put it in my pocket until we were done talking because she couldn’t keep her fingers off the keypad.  Hey, if it’s an important conversation go ahead, but most texting isn’t that important or at least something that couldn’t wait five minutes.

Preparedness?  Most of the people I know wouldn’t last a month if TSHTF.  I’ve been in people’s houses where they might have had two days worth of food on hand!  They liked to eat out a lot and didn’t feel it necessary to stock any groceries.

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but I’ve got to admit that on more than one occasion I’ve actually wished for something like an economic crash to happen so that we could get a “do-over” on our society.  The rise of the Phoenix if you will.

Of course I really don’t want something like that to happen, but I would like to see something that would wake us up.  America used to be the greatest country in the world, but these days I feel like we’re slipping and I’d like to see us get back on track.  Unfortunately, short of some catastrophe I don’t see that happening.

The good old days?

But hey!  Maybe I’m being too harsh on today’s generation.  Maybe I’m just an old fashioned guy living in a newfangled world ready to get passed by.  Maybe I only focus on the bad and not enough on the good.  I’m sure there are a lot of good people raising their kids right out there and like everything else in the media we don’t hear about them because it’s not newsworthy.

What do you think?

-Jarhead Survivor