Top Ten Real Life Stories About Surviving – You Decide


I’d like to know what you all think is the best all-time true survival story.  There are so many different examples of survival out there no one person could possibly know them all; however, I think between us we can come up with a pretty good list.

San Francisco Earthquake

Being a mountaineer I tend to gravitate to stories around mountain climbing.  One of my favorite stories is Minus 148 Degrees, the true story about the first winter ascent of Mt McKinley in Alaska.  A few guys get caught near the summit in a huge storm and manage to survive about a week in brutally cold temps and crazy winds.

If you could provide a link, book name, or whatever, that would be excellent so that I and the rest of the readers can check them out. Don’t worry if you can’t just go ahead and leave a story.  This can either be fiction or a real life event.

Also, feel free to leave more than one.  I know there are literally thousands of stories out there and I enjoy reading about them

Hopefully I’ll get enough answers to come up with a top ten list that I can post later.

Ok, the balls in your court!  Let’s hear about some survivors!

-Jarhead Survivor


My beloved Boston Bruins finally brought home the Stanley Cup after beating Vancouver on their own ice.  I know not everybody is a hockey fan, so just ignore this if you aren’t.  For those who care… CONGRATULATIONS BRUINS!!!!