Top Ten Fiction Books About TEOTWAWKI

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This is one of those subjects I’m sure has been done a hundred times on at least a hundred blogs, so before you jump all up in my business let me say this:  I searched SHTFblog and didn’t see it here anywhere; therefore, I’m looking to right this injustice with a fun post .  The burning question is:

What are the top ten books about the the end of the world?

This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought because there are so many good books out there.  But here’s what I came up with…

Rules for this list:

  1. It must be about the end of the world as we know it.
  2. A series can be counted as one book. (Hey, I’m making the rules here!)

That’s it.

Without further ado here are the books:

Number 10:   Earth Abides – George Stewart – 1949

A disease wipes out a good bit of the population.

Number 9:  Alas Babylon – Pat Frank 1959

An old classic.  Nuclear war at it’s worst (or best.)


Number 8:  The Forge of God – Greg Bear 1986

The Earth is destroyed by an alien race, but some are rescued.  Chilling depiction of the end of the Earth.


Number 7:  Footfall – Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle



An alien race lands and takes over.

Number 6:  The Road – Cormac McCarthy 2006

Father and son team hit the road looking for a better place to live after TEOTWAWKI.


Number 5:  The Dark Tower Series – Stephen King

Stephen King is a SHTF genius.  I love the Gun Slinger and all the rest as they walk through a world that has “moved on.”  No happy endings here folks.


Number 4:  Swan Song – Robert R. McCAmmon

Another nuclear war story.  This one has forces of good and evil that battle on after the attack.  Awesome book.


Number 3:  Hiero Desteen – Hiero’s Journey – Sterling Lanier

Thousands of years after a nuclear war Per Hiero Desteen is tasked with finding a computer to help the good guys overcome the bad.  Evil telepaths, intelligent animals, nasty Leemutes and plenty of action.  This story rocks.


Number 2:  The Stand – Stephen King 1978

Another one from the twisted genius of Stephen King.  Captain Trips is accidentally unleashed on the world and this shifting antigen flu kills 99% of the population.  Then it gets interesting…

And my all time favorite TEOTWAWKI book….

Drum Roll Please!






Number 1:   Lucifer’s Hammer – Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle 1977

A Hot Fudge Sundae that falls on a Tuesdae.  A comet strikes the Earth and seriously messes stuff up.  How will human kind survive?  If you’ve never read Lucifer’s Hammer I feel sorry for you.  Go to the Amazon link on the left side of this page and order a copy right now.  You’re welcome.

Honorable mention.  For those of you who may have read the Sword of Shanarra series I give you The Gypsy Morph – Genesis of Shanarra series.  These three books are about how the world of Shannara got it’s start.  Excellent reading.

-Jarhead Survivor

Now I’m sure there are going to be howls of outrage about why I didn’t put in <name your book>.  Ok, here’s your chance.  In the comments section below name your book and why you think it deserves a spot on the list!

And I’m tired of Ranger Man having all the fun, so here’s what I’m going to do as an added incentive for you to leave a comment/book recommendation.  All you have to do is post a comment (it doesn’t even have to be a book recommendation)  and you will be entered into a random drawing to win a copy of Bug-Out, by our friend Scott Williams over at Bug-Out Survival.  I did a book review of it here.

I will draw  the winner on Monday and post the lucky prepper’s name next Wednesday, which gives you all weekend to get your comment posted, so be sure to check back to see if you won the contest!  Good luck!

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