The Trojan Horse Daisy Cutter Post

SHTF Blog has been ATTACKED by a Trojan Horse. Norton Anti-Virus is hating the site, has been for the past 2 days. This is a SHTF Blog SHTF scene.

The evil doers that sent this Trojan Horse have caused me a few evenings’ time. I initially retaliated with a heavy volley of e-lead. It was no use against its armor. I then called hosting service for targeted air strikes, but we had trouble identifying targets. Our initial response was to drop a Daisy Cutter across the entire WordPress battlefield. That seemed to work – at first – but the Trojan Horse was “dug in like an Alabama tick” and re-emerged after the blast.

As I write this, we’re restoring the files to an earlier date, i.e. a 2nd Daisy Cutter …

If this doesn’t work I’ll likely have to remove all WordPress files and reload fresh ones, i.e. nuke the entire scene.

Thanks to those of you that sent me notices informing me of this insurgent attack. Is anyone experiencing a problem that is not using Norton anti-virus?

– Ranger Man