The Market Crashed Again and I’m Not Prepared–What Do I Do? or How Do I Navigate SHTFblog?

The last time the market tanked SHTFblog’s readership spiked over the course of a few days.  I assume that was from people seeing the S had HTF and realizing they weren’t prepared  jumping online and looking for information on what to do.

Are you prepared?

If you’re a new reader looking for information on what to do you’ve come to the right place.  You old timers who’ve been around for awhile might want to hang out to the end because I need your help with something. 

First, a few words about navigating around the site.  When you first land here you’ll see the post dujour – ie., today’s post.  As new articles are put up today’s post will move down a slot and so on.  At the bottom you’ll see a link that says, “Previous Entries.”  Click that to go back in time.  You can do that if you want to read every post, but that’s a lot of reading. 

Under the post you’ll see a number in brackets that looks something like this:  {17 comments}.  That means – in this example – that there are seventeen replies by readers to whatever was written.  If you read for awhile you’ll start to notice there are certain readers who comment often like Chefbear (who’s been absent lately), Odd Questioner, Jason, Spook45 and the like. At this point we have between 1500 and 2000 readers every day, but only a small percentage jump on and leave comments.  Please feel free to do so.  Sometimes the topic is controversial and people will argue their sides, sometimes passionately, usually leading to a lot of comments and a merry conversation.  Don’t be intimidated as we love to hear from everybody.

To the right (as of this writing) there is a picture of a woman and her daughter canning.  Just above that it says, “Search Site:”  That search box is your friend.  If you’re looking for information on weapons you might type in rifle or pistol and see what comes up.  Or you might want to look for canning information or food storage.  The information on this site is easily accessible if you know how to look for it.

Underneath the picture is an Amazon search box.  If you search for something through that box SHTFblog gets a small percentage of the cash if you decide to buy something.  We do appreciate any and all donations, but this isn’t a plug for money.

There is also an Authors section starring Ranger Man, Jarhead Survivor (yours truly), and Calamity Jane.   I post on Mondays and Fridays, Calamity has Tuesday and Thursday, and Ranger Man hits you up on hump day with something interesting to think about.  Topics vary from day to day as the mood strikes us or as current events dictate.

Which leads me to the one of the most important sources of information on this site:  YOU – our readers.  Nearly every post gets feedback of one kind or another, and it’s this constant flow of information back and forth that makes this blog so powerful.  Awhile back I posted an article about a Coffee Can Survival Kit and asked people what they’d put in their kits.  There were a lot of great comments about what to put in, different items for different environments, etc. 

There are readers from every walk of life with different skill sets, education, experience, and careers, who have all arrived at the same conclusion:  somewhere, somehow, there will be a breakdown of some sort that will most likely leave you on your own for an unspecifed amount of time.  Will you be able to take care of you and your family if this happens?  That is the question.

Let’s assume that the next round of trouble is likely to come from the economy.  Inflation, deflation, hyperinflation, a dollar collapse, whatever.  Having a few months of food stored and a way to get fresh water is the place to start.  I won’t go into a  lot of detail here because I’d like our readers to step in and give some advice.  If you’re an experienced survivalist maybe you can throw your opinion out there on the following questions: 

-Where do you start if you’re a new prepper? 

-How much food should I store ahead?

-What else should I do in order to get ready for trouble?

-Do I really need guns?

-What is OPSEC?

– There are other things that could happen besides an economic collapse.  What else should I do to prepare? 

If you’re reading this for the first time feel free to ask questions.  Your question might help someone else that’s too shy to ask.

-Jarhead Survivor