The Food Audit

Have  you ever wondered if you could live off your food stores for a few weeks?  You know you can do it, but are there any holes in your plan?  Is there something vital missing that you haven’t thought of?  Maybe there’s something you’d reeeealy like to have post TEOTWAWKI, but because you’ve never done a food audit you don’t know about

Well, I’m going to take the plunge and starting Monday I’m only going to eat what I have in my food stores.  No eating out, no stopping at the store for a quick bite to eat, just eating what I have stored in my freezer and pantry.  Mrs Jarhead isn’t on board with me on this trip, so I’m flying solo.

I have given myself a few allowances though.  First, I can go the farms here in my neighborhood and buy fresh eggs, vegetables and fruit using the money I have standing by in case of emergency.  (All will be replenished later.)   The reason for this is that post TEOTWAWKI I figure that I’ll be able to get these things because of the relationships I’ve developed with my neighbors.  No free rides mind you, but a willingness to sell me things they  have on hand.  Once the money runs out I’ll be reduced to bartering, but even then it shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve got crazy experience running a shovel, chain saw, axe, or anything else they may have a need for that requires a strong back and a willingness to work my tail off.

The food audit ends on Halloween.  That’s three weeks to see how my preps work out for me and one day to get to a store to stock up on some items I might need in that time.  (Mustard and more flour being foremost in my mind.)

The really interesting thing will be seeing how my Weight Watchers diet plan will fare while I do this.  Preps are mostly calorie dense by nature, so it should be an interesting challenge to see how the portion control goes.  At Weight Watchers you can eat whatever you want, but you pay a point price for it.  You are allotted a certain amount of points every day and everything you eat has a point value assigned to it.  Most fruits and vegetables are “free”, meaning you don’t get hit with points for eating them, making them a popular choice.  On the other hand a single McDonalds meal might cost you fifteen or twenty points or more for a single sit down meal.  I’m allotted 34 points per day, so that’s a big hit for one meal.

Anyway, it’s an interesting challenge and I’m curious to see how I make out and what kinds of things I can learn from this experience.

I’m sure some of you there live off their preps all the time, but this will be something new for me.

If anybody out there has ever done an audit like this I’d like to hear about it.  If you have ideas or advice I’m all ears!

-Jarhead Survivor