The Big Disconnect – MSM vs. Everybody Else


Major stock indexes close at multi-year highs on Fed’s outlook and pending bank test results.  Dow adds 219 points.


That’s the headline screaming at me at 4:04 on Tuesday March 13, 2012.   Here’s another one:  Fed perks up on jobs but holds tight on policy.

Right underneath that headline is this one:  My doomsday tab:  $130K on bunkers, guns and more.

First we get a slew of stories telling us that everything is looking good, the markets are back in the game and going through the roof, hiring is up, and everything seems to be going back to normal.  Right below that is a story about crazy doomer preppers taking out second mortgages on their houses, so they can fund their doomsday preparations for 2012.  Huge amounts of food, a bug-out location in a distant and remote location, vehicles to get them there, and tons of firearms to keep them safe.

I’m no genius, but it seems the message here is, “Everything is fine, but there are still dummies out there wasting money on the 2012 scare, an asteroid strike, EMP, or some other crazy end-of-the-world scenario.”

Meanwhile, to the best of my knowledge no one has figured out what to do with the crushing debt we owe.  The Fed is still pouring money into the economy and Greece has defaulted, but that’s being downplayed now.  Everybody knew it was going to happen and when it did it’s more of an anticlimax than anything.  Of course there are countries lined up waiting for the Greek domino to hit them, but that’s not being discussed much either.

Fuel prices continue to climb, China’s economy seems to be slowing it’s red hot growth spurt, and the price of groceries seems to rise every week, but the future is looking brighter?

Is it just me or is there a big disconnect here?  That’s not a rhetorical question… I really want to know what you think about current events.  Sound off below.

“Hey Jarhead!  You’re all ate up, Man.  The economy is improving!”

– or –

“Hey Jarhead, you nailed it, Dude.”

Don’t limit comments to the economy either.  Feel free to discuss anything from Afghanistan to the fact that Kim Kardashian is pregnant.  (Or is she?)  OMG!

Honest to God, can you believe there’s actually a website devoted to that drivel???  It makes me want to move to Mars when I see stuff like that.

-Jarhead Survivor