Technological Singularity

I’ve missed Jarhead’s survival scenario posts.  So, just to revive them for a day, here’s one from me.

The technological singularity refers to the hypothetical future emergence of greater-than-human intelligence through technological means.  It’s sort of a geek’s SHTF.

There are some scary viruses out there, including the Stuxnet that was designed to take control of oil and gas refineries. Most predictions for the singularity have it occurring in 21st century.

As always, comment and tell us how you’d survive!  Zero points for using anything from the Terminator movies.

Scenario – A hardworking research scientist puts the finishing touches on her new (and improved) AI program.  She loads it onto the specially designed PLC.   Designed to think and reason and learn, the new AI performs better than expected.  After a few days it’s clear that the AI has escaped the lab environment and is replicating over the internet. She tries to raise the alarm, but it’s too late. The AI starts taking control of the internet after only a week.  After 2 weeks there is nothing plugged into the internet that the AI doesn’t control.  The AI uses that control to alter infrastructure to make them more friendly to the AI.  While not maliciously aimed at harming humans, there have been casualties.  That town that was drowned when the AI needed more power from a certain hydro-electric dam.  The planes that didn’t make it down safely when the AI suddenly took control of radio waves.  The millions left penniless as banks lost their databases to the storage needs of the AI.

Anything digital is gone.  TV signals are back to analog, and so are cellphones.  Cellphones are spotty, depending on how much power is left to keep towers running after the AI is done with sucking up it’s share.

Automated processes limp along, depending on how connected they were to the internet.  Automated processes include those that run your local waste water plant, the oil and gas refineries, the grain dryers/storage/milling, you know, all the good stuff.

There are bands of resistance “fighters,” trying to design worms and viruses to take down the AI.  Who knows how long that will take, and if they can even succeed.  After a couple of months there are rumors that Washington is considering a few well targeted ESP’s, but it’s hard to know how credible the sources are.

Can you survive the singularity?

– Calamity Jane