Your GPS Is Awesome – Until It Gets You Lost

The other day my wife sent me on a mission to China to recover an important tactical item.  That would be China, Maine and the item was a coffee table she found on Craigslist.  Anyway, I jumped in my trusty pickup truck, fired up the GPS, and headed inland from the coast to grab the […]

Navigating in the Woods With GPS and Compass

Today I tried an interesting experiment. I used my cell phone’s GPS and Google Maps and my compass to navigate to an objective in the forest out behind my house. I’d like to say it was on purpose, but what happened was I left the house and had the wrong map in my pack for […]

etrex 10 GPS Handheld by Garmin or Jarhead Survivor Goes New School

Recently Mrs Jarhead and I packed the kids up and headed for the big city of Portland, Maine for the weekend.  We took our boy to Jokers (kind of a souped up Chucky Cheese for those of you with kids) and then off to a hotel for the night and we even ordered dinner from […]