Your GPS Is Awesome – Until It Gets You Lost

The other day my wife sent me on a mission to China to recover an important tactical item.  That would be China, Maine and the item was a coffee table she found on Craigslist.  Anyway, I jumped in my trusty pickup truck, fired up the GPS, and headed inland from the coast to grab the […]

Navigating in the Woods With GPS and Compass

Today I tried an interesting experiment. I used my cell phone’s GPS and Google Maps and my compass to navigate to an objective in the forest out behind my house. I’d like to say it was on purpose, but what happened was I left the house and had the wrong map in my pack for […]

How To Use An Emergency Azimuth – Orienteering 101

An “emergency azimuth” is a term I’ve coined for when you get lost on your map, meaning you know generally where you are, but you’ve gone off course enough that you’re not going to find the specific destination you were looking for.  The emergency azimuth is a straight magnetic direction that will get you back […]

Shooting an Azimuth With Your Lensatic Compass

There are two standard methods you can use with a lensatic compass when you’re in the field.  The first method I’ll discuss is called the compass to cheek method.  This is the more accurate of the two. With the compass to cheek method you put your thumb through the loop and hold the compass up […]

Fundamentals of Orienteering – Parts of the Lensatic Compass

  Today’s post is about the Lensatic compass.  This is a military style Cammenga compass and I lay out some of the parts below.  If you click on the image you should get a larger picture to look at. There’s also a short video below that points out the various parts just to make sure […]