Swedish Steel Mora Knife

Well, Santa found my house this year too. Mixed in with the piles of books was this little beauty. (I know, not as shiny as a laser, but hang with me here.)

Swedish Mil. Mora Knife! New Mora Knife is NOT for morons. Swift. Silent. A cut above. Put this nifty little sharpie to work for you on multiple tasks. It could make the difference for survival in the boonies. Drop point 3 7/8″ carbon steel blade, 8.5″ overall length; Black handle with military green composition trim has rubber diamond checkering on handle for a sure grip; Comes with plastic scabbard that clips to your belt; Weighs a feathery 4 ozs.
Condition: brand new, never issued.

Some of you are going to chuckle at this post, but I have to post it anyway.  This is my first fixed blade knife, it’s also my first carbon steel.  Some of you are probably wondering, Calamity, what have you been carrying?  I’ve been carrying various folders, pocket knives and multi-tools. Stainless steel and cheap are common characteristics. :-D

So, now I finally have a carbon steel blade with a great handle and a really sharp blade. I like it already.  The sheath, which is also a new one for me, is hard, but the retention is really good, this knife is not going to fall out.  I like how the sheath slips over belts and such, instead of having to be threaded on.  As a pregnant lady, I’m not wearing belts right now, but this sheath would slip over a pocket or waistband and stay in place. The handle is small enough for my hands, and has rubber on it, which is great for water/blood/snow/whatever.
I’ve been looking for a nice fixed blade for awhile now. I wanted something that could be my dedicated hunting knife. Would I have liked a leather wrapped Ka-bar like this sexiness?

Yea… but, since Santa = me, the budget is tight.  Plus, the handles on Ka-bars tend to be a bit large for my grip, and I really don’t have need for a 7″ blade right now.  Grip was actually a problem with most of the knives I picked up while I was looking, most teneded to be too big.  The ones that were small enough also tended towards the not-rugged end of things, making me think they were made for children or light duty. So, the Mora hit my price point, and it’s sturdy, and not unwieldy. Sweet.

I’m noticing the differences already between this and the folders.  The carbon steel makes a MUCH sharper edge, and so far, is holding the edge really well. Of course, I’ve already discolored it. *erk* No big deal, I cut apart an apple with it, and left a couple of drops of juice on the blade, with my bad stainless steel habits.  I need to run to town to get some 3 in 1 oil and that should fix that little mistake right nicely.

Here’s a question for my favorite readers though, are sharpening stones still the way to go? I know that’s what my dad has used with his knives since dinosaurs roamed the earth.  That’s what I’m planning on picking up with the oil, but if anyone has a suggestion for something better, I’m all ears.

So far, I highly recommend this knife. If you’ve got a lady prepper who needs a nice starter knife, this one is sized like something she’d use daily in the kitchen (assuming your wife is a cook) and quite approachable. I sliced through our partially frozen Solstice Ham with no troubles, this thing will work great in the field.

Enjoy the new year! Stay safe!

– Calamity Jane