Survivalists Should Invest in the Future

You probably think this post is going to be about investing money and it is in a way, but what I’m talking about here is investing in your health.

Mrs Jarhead running a brutal race in Maine. 15 miles of cross country hell.

Recently my father, a great guy, big-time storyteller, and hard-working man was diagnosed with high cholesterol.  My mother, always there to look out for his health swung into action and changed his diet.  My parents have been married 48 years (coincidentally that’s my age, ahem) and Dad knows when to dig in and when to let it go.  He’s been a meat and potatoes guy all his life and loves a hamburger and fries as much as the next guy; however, at age 69 he now finds himself in the position of having to eat healthier.

They came to visit last night and he was proud to point that he’d already lost five pounds from his new way of eating and said he didn’t miss the fatty foods and desserts as much as he thought he would.  He had a couple of veggie burgers on the grill and some baked chips and seemed content while my two-year old bounced around on his lap taking little bites of his healthy food.

I got thinking about it later and figured that all the working out that I’ve done in the past will help me in the future, as long as I keep at it and do it sensibly to avoid injury.  Eating right, watching my weight, and getting regular checkups, will all benefit me in the years ahead.  I keep wondering what would happen if TSHTF and six months after the balloon goes up I’m diagnosed with high blood pressure or some other disease that could have been  controlled by exercise and a proper diet.  I wouldn’t be real happy with myself that’s for sure because that’s something I have control over.

Seriously, where’s the sense in going through all the time, trouble and money of getting your preps in place if you’re not going to be around to use them because of a heart attack or something that can be avoided with a little effort put in now?  Your family will benefit from the preps of course, but without your guidance will they thrive or even be able to survive?

My dad is going to be ok.  He’s in pretty good shape for a man his age, he’s not overweight, and he stays active, which is a good combination for a long life.  I love both my parents and want to see them both around for a long time to come.

Mrs Jarhead gave birth to our daughter on August 19th and being an older father I think it’s important to take good care of myself, so that I’ll be around and healthy while she grows up.  And since her two-year old brother is so much like me when I was a kid I know he’s going to need guidance!  (I was a pretty high energy kid according to my mother.)

Remember, a goal without specifics is just a dream, so here’s my goal.  By December 31 I want to get to a weight of 170 lbs.  Right now I’m around 184 lbs (when Mrs Jarhead started gaining weight from her pregnancy so did I.)  Now it’s time to get fit again.  She’s a marathon runner and is already talking about getting her body back and she’s motivated me to get started again as well, so now it’s time to pick up the weights again and get serious about getting back in shape!  As of Tuesday September 27, 2011 the clock is ticking for the two of us!  If anybody else out there would like to drop a few pounds and maybe get a little more fit let me know.  It’s always nice to have someone else involved when you’re trying to achieve a goal.

-Jarhead Survivor

BTW:  I’d like to thank those that wrote with survival scenarios.  I appreciate the feedback and will see what I can do to get them on here in the future.