Survival Scenario – Stranded in the Snow

With the temperature here in Maine getting ready to dip into the 30’s this weekend it’s time to start thinking about winter like Calamity posted yesterday.  (For those of you who live where it’s still a 100 degrees you will need to turn your AC up on high and pretend.)


Keeping winter in mind here’s your scenario:

You’ve been snowmobiling the deep woods breaking trail on new snow pack.  The snow in the deep woods is about four feet deep and the night time temp is going to be around five degrees for the next few nights.  About eight miles from the nearest road your snowmobile breaks down and the smoke coming from underneath the hood tells you it’s not going to be an easy fix, so you take a break and try and decide what to do.

Under your seat you have a good sized knife, a book of matches, a small tool kit, a Snickers bar (frozen solid), a map (no compass), a couple of bungee cords and about 20′ of 1/4 inch nylon rope.  The good news is that you’re wearing a warm snowmobile suit and boots, good gloves, a helmet with a wool hat underneath, and a wool scarf.

It’s about 2:15 PM and you have a little over two hours of daylight left.  You deem it highly unlikely that anyone will follow on this trail for at least a few days.  You can either stay and set up a shelter and camp or set out and try to get back to the road before the sun goes down.

Oh yeah, like a dummy you forgot to tell your significant other where you were going to be.  You’re on your own.

What do you do?

-Jarhead Survivor