Survival Scenario – Preparing for a Hurricane

Today’s survival scenario is going to be a little different.  Since Hurricane Irene is fast approaching the east coast I’m reaching out to all of you with experience asking, “What do you do to prepare?”

Here in Maine we’re always on the tail end of most hurricanes that come through, so there’s not a whole lot of experience with them, however, when I lived in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune I saw several hurricanes from different vantage points.  One of the smaller ones caught us on a field exercise at Fort Bragg and if you’ve never been in the back of a five-ton truck with the canvas whipping in 90 mph hour winds you just haven’t lived.

Another time I was living off base and saw a couple of things that stick with me even today because I never would have thought of them as being hazards.  The first thing that surprised me was a shopping cart going across the parking lot at around 20 or 25 mph and hitting a car with a big bang.  The other thing that got me thinking was something I saw during the height of the storm.  I stepped outside the house and looked around the corner  and coming down the street was a silver trash can lid sailing along at waist height like a frisbee and it was going fast enough to scare the hell out of me.  These storms are nothing to mess around with ya’ll.

Going back to the first paragraph here are a few questions for you hurricane vets:

What do you do to prepare?

What do you have in your emergency kit?

Do you bug out or stay put?  (I know this depends on location and situation, but feel free to tell me what you’re doing.)

What would you advise people to do in the hurricane’s path?

Good luck and stay safe everybody.

-Jarhead Survivor