Survival Scenario – Deadly Flu Epidemic: Could You Survive?

The flu started on the East Coast during the normal cold and flu season, but this wasn’t the regular flu.  People are dying in much higher concentrations – some officials say it’s a 50% mortality rate – and you’re cautioned to stay at home and treat it yourself if you become sick because the hospitals are overrun.


What do you do when even the strong are getting sick?

This isn’t as deadly as Captain Trips in Stephen King’s The Stand, but it’s some pretty bad stuff and it’s spreading like wildfire across the nation.  Canada and Mexico closed their borders, but too late.  They are now reporting their own cases.

At this point there are no known cures and no way to inoculate against it.  This isn’t killing just the old and very young either, it’s putting a big hole right in every demographic.

Most businesses are shut down for the duration and the government finally enforces a curfew.  The radio and television don’t report anything more than what’s written here, but various blogs report that there have been riots at hospitals already filled to overflowing.

The oldest member of your family is now getting sick and you suspect that it’s the flu.

Take your family situation; single, married, kids, divorced, widow/widower, whatever, and tell me:  what do you do?

-Jarhead Survivor