Survival Scenario – Can You Survive a Zombie Plague?


Remember the book review I did about the Prepper’s Pocket Guide by Bernie Carr?  I’m putting this book up as a prize.  All you have to do is comment on the scenario below and I’ll choose the name of the lucky winner through a drawing, which I’ll announce next Friday.  Can you stand the suspense???


Ok, I’ve given you enough hard Survival Scenarios lately, so I thought it was time to give you a break and do something fun(?).  Use your imagination on this one.  Here we go…


It finally happened.  Scientists working on a nanotech and gene splicing combination to make the perfect soldier developed what they thought was the perfect drug.  At first volunteers injected with NGS-27 developed incredible strength and speed and were indeed the perfect warriors.  They could do amazing things the average “normal” soldier weren’t capable of such as:  running a five minute mile with full combat load, shooting a 1/2 mile accurately with an M-16, and forced marching 200 lb packs fifteen miles effortlessly.  These were some bad hombres and they were the pride of the special forces elite.

Those were the first special soldiers.

The next group of volunteers were injected with NGS-27c, the c being a small change to the formula that was supposed to increase their aggressiveness.  It worked, if you call becoming a demented super-soldier with a taste for human flesh a success.

The problem was compounded as this phase of the program injected 1000 volunteers.  Another part of the problem was that they didn’t “turn” right away.  It took about four days for the serum to work through their systems and cause the horrible changes to their psyche and their appearance.

The biggest part of the problem was the fact that any contact with their blood or saliva caused their victims to become like them.  The last nail in the coffin was the nanotech.  This was introduced to heal wounds through biological nanomachines.  The only sure way to kill these monsters is to remove the head from the body or a direct head shot with a high caliber weapon that will completely destroy the brain and the brain stem.

The “plague” has been sweeping your way over the last 72 hours and various states are dropping off the communications grid as it goes.

You have 24 hours before the horde reaches your area and things are looking pretty grim.  What do you do?

-Jarhead Survivor


Disclaimer – I don’t watch TV and the few zombie movies I’ve seen have had various origins.  If this appears to plagiarize something I apologize in advance – as far as I know this is original material.  (As original as zombies get anyway.)