Starting Your Own Gang When TSHTF

Playing off Friday’s post about gangs I thought I’d write a little more about protecting yourself after TEOTWAWKI.  Crime will definitely be something we all have to worry about if law enforcement is absent for any period of time.  You can be a lone wolf trying to fight off the angry hordes by yourself, but I don’t advise it.  You can have fields of fire cleared and zones set up, but eventually someone will find their way through your defenses and if there’s several of them you’re liable to end up as toast.



So how to defend yourself?  First, don’t set yourself up as a victim.  Practice good OPSEC… don’t walk around with goodies in your possession that others might covet in whatever situation you find yourself in.  An unfortunate case in Connecticut that wound up with a man’s family dead started because the women were well dressed and drove a nice vehicle.  They were followed home and later that night two men staged a home invasion where the father (a doctor) was beaten with a baseball bat and tied up in the basement.  His wife and two daughters were brutally raped and killed by the two intruders.  Don’t set yourself up as a victim, be aware of your environment and who’s in it, and practice OPSEC.  I can’t say that enough times.


No matter where you live you should start getting to know your neighbors and what they have to bring to the table.  You don’t have to approach them and say, “Hey, if TSHTF do you have any guns?  You can join my gang if you do.”  Actually I’d advise against that approach; however, you can get to know them and see what kind of people they are .  If they appear to be good people you can keep them in mind for when it does hit the fan, but you have to be ready to move quickly.  Chances are good they won’t have done any thinking in this area, so you may have to step up and assume a leadership role, or at least an organizational one.  If you don’t think of yourself as strong leader material you can always help the alpha male or female, or the committee, or whatever, when it comes to getting organized and help guide them in areas they probably won’t be thinking about.


Your “gang” needs organization and leadership.  Chances are good there’s a few ex-military types around and they’d be a good resource to tap.  Police officers would also be another good resource, although I’m not sure how much squad movement type training they get (any law enforcement guys feel free to chip in here.)  But for sheer courage and experience in the face of adversity you can’t beat them.  Others you’ll want in your gang should include medical people:  doctors, nurses, paramedics, military trained corpsman or medics.   You’ll probably want people who have gardening and canning experience, experience with animals, carpentry and metal working skills… you get the idea.  The only people I’d avoid are politicians.  Ok, I’m kidding.  Sort of.

In other words you need to have a community unified against any external threat and able to supply and take care of itself.  If and when TEOTWAWKI arrives it makes sense to be able to take care of yourself initially, but in the months and years following any kind of civilization changing event you’ll need other people in order to not only survive, but thrive.

How about you?  Who would you want in your gang?




-Jarhead Survivor

BTW:  I have turned off commenting on this post.  I don’t care if you bicker back and forth, but I don’t have any patience for where this was going.  -Jarhead