Square Foot Garden Update

This past Sunday was gorgeous here on the Midcoast of Maine and I decided it was time to put my two Square Foot Gardens (SFG) that I’ve been planning together.

SFG is basically raised bed gardening, but you don’t use soil from your backyard.  Early on when I started this project I decided to do it by the numbers and dress-right-dress per Mel’s book.  He calls for a certain type of soil made from compost, sphagnum moss, and vermiculite.  I did the math and somehow came up with the right numbers of each bag I needed for the soil composition as you’ll see later in the post.

The first thing I did was put together the garden boxes in my driveway.  I used 2x 6’s that I bought at Lowe’s and quickly nailed them together.  Even if you’ve never worked with a lot of tools before this is still a very simple project.  I used 2 1/2” nails (two per end), a hammer, skilsaw, tape measure, square, and a utility knife for this project.  Once they were assembled I carried them on to the back lawn where they’ll be located and set them up.


Garden Frames In the Driveway

Then I cut the weedcloth and put it underneath so that there will be no weeds growing in my gardens.  (I like the sound of that!)

After everything was in place I brought the soil components out back and mixed them up on a big tarp.  Once the soil was mixed I then enlisted the help of my daughter’s boyfriend to slide the tarp over to the boxes and dump the soil in.  Done!

Now I’ve got to decide what I’m going to plant for vegetables this year.


Vermiculite, Compost, and Sphagnum Moss In the Trailer


Square Foot Gardens with Weed Cloth


Mixing It All Up


Ready to Go


View From the Deck


Next I need to add the grids for the SFG, which I’ll try to do this weekend.  I’ll do another update as soon as I get something planted.  I was happy to hear that some of you readers do SFG gardening as well as traditional row gardens.  How many of you in the southern part of the country have planted already?

-Jarhead Survivor


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