Square Foot Garden June Update

The garden has been in since May 7 and seems to be doing very well so far.  As you can see from the pictures below I set up a fence around it and it seems to be keeping all the destructive elements out:  toddlers, dogs, deer, and not one rampaging buffalo has gone through it – yet.


Square Foot Garden


One thing I’ve been trying to do is get my two year old involved in helping me do the watering.  At first he was excited to help, but now it’s gotten old and he’s not as willing to pick up his plastic bucket and carry water from the water barrels.  Next year…

The thing that makes this kind of garden distinctive is the rows of slats with each row representing one square foot.  Thus Square Foot Garden.  If you look at the picture above you can see that I need to put in my tomato cages and pretty soon I’ll have to think about the summer squash and cucumbers.

The green beans are coming along nicely and I hope to get a real nice batch this year.


The fence is critical


Given how rotten the weather was for a couple of weeks not long ago I’m happy to see green things sprouting.  Oh yeah, no weeds yet.  I love SFG!  Next year I think I’ll add a couple of more if things work out this year.  If anybody has experience with SFG I’d like to hear about it in the comments section.


This box has the green beans and tomatoes


That’s it for this update.

How are your gardens doing?

-Jarhead Survivor