September 11 Memorial

I’d like to take today and reflect on 9/11.  I watched a TV show the other night (something I very rarely do) about the September 11 attacks on MSNBC and iWorld-Trade-Center-911t really brought that day back into focus for me.  In some places during the program I was in tears, so today I’d like to remember the victims, the heroes, and the families affected by the attacks that day.

On September 11 I was in Louisiana and when the people I was with told me about an airplane that had crashed into one of the Twin Towers  in New Your City I thought they were kidding.  Then we watched in amazement and horror as another plane hit the other tower, then the reports of a plane hitting the Pentagon, then another plane crashing in Pennsylvania.  It was chaos.

Where were you and what do you remember from your personal experience that day?  How did it affect you?

-Jarhead Survivor