Save Your Life and Your Marriage

That’s right, prepping and marital advise, all in one blog post, that’s just how we roll here at SHTF, lots of value for your internet-buck.

We all know we need to be keeping fit BEFORE the SHTF, right? Right. I’m sure all of the SHTF Blog readers are getting their daily dose of sweat, so I won’ t insult them by reminding them about how important things like cardio, and weight bearing exercise and target practice are.

Let me ask you though, how many of you are including the person who’s most likely to be your partner in any SHTF event?  For most of you, I’m talking of course about your spouse. (Some of you perhaps I’m talking about your roommate, or best buddy, or family member.  Just ignore the marital advise, and take the rest.) I think it’s fair to say that most of us will either be at home when the SHTF, or we’ll head there as soon as we can. We need to know that the other adult(s) in the house will have our backs. Plus, studies have shown that working out with your partner produces chemicals in the brain that increase the feeling of happiness, reduces stress and actually increases sexual arousal and the desire for sex! What’s not to like about this?

Build trust and muscle – Do some weight bearing exercises. Whether it’s spotting each other for bench presses, tossing hay bales or humping some 40 pound bags around a walking trail, you will grow closer to your SHTF patner and learn each others limits, weaknesses and strengths.  You can take those strengths and weaknesses into account when you are planning emergency responses.  Or, conversely, work on the weaknesses that present a vulnerability to the preparedness level of the team. Like, for instance, your BO bins are pre-packed and ready, but they weigh 60 pounds each and your spouse can only lift 30 pounds.

Increase your stamina and your  communication – Fit some couples cardio in, and reap the rewards physically as you both keep each other motivated.  Reap rewards in your relationship, as most cardio is conducive to chatting with your partner, even if it’s just during warm up and cool down. We all wish we had more timer for those two things, so combining them is the best kind of efficiency. Again, you can focus on needed fitness levels for survival plans. Like, your BO plan includes a bike and trailer and your spouse can only go a couple of miles with the trailer before becoming winded.  Hubby and I fit in bike rides as a family most weeks last summer.  The fresh air, the bike wheels humming on the trail, the sweat and the conversation never failed to lift spirits and ease tension.  And yes, we can both go significantly farther than a couple of miles while pulling a trailer.

Speaking of bikes and families, I’m going to crowd source this question. any readers have any bright ideas for infants and bikes? Hubby and I aren’t coming up  with any good solutions for including the baby in our rides.  The arrangements for the toddler don’t seem quite up to handling the baby.  Help me out if you’ve seen any good solutions. Thanks!

– Calamity Jane