Quick Poll – When Do You Think TS will HTF?

On Friday I was trolling around the various blogs and noticed that the economy is coming up a lot lately.  Yeah, yeah, it’s been coming up a lot since 2008, but it seems more people are naming 2012 as the year it all goes to hell.

It seems that the Godless vermin… uh, I mean mainstream media, are also reporting that things might not be so rosy these days.  The “recovery” isn’t recovering quite as well as they first thought, Europe is going to hell in a hand-basket, and the housing market and unemployment remain pretty dismal.  It’s the debt people!!

I try not to be an alarmist and read both sides of every story if I can, but the news seems to be leaning overwhelmingly towards the negative even from those who are usually positive.  And for those people that are usually down on the economy?  Oh man, batten down the hatches ‘cause the economy is going to crash PDQ.

One of the problems of this great invention called the Internet is that there’s so much information it’s hard to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong.  You read one side and the economic numbers and statistics seem to show that things are improving (slowly), but another writer using the same numbers can show how it’s all coming unraveled.  How’s a prepper to decide?

And how much should you prep?  Are you like me and think, “I’ll put away a few months of food and prep my land to the point where I can be self sufficient for a few months if I have to,” or are you more the ‘all in’ kind of prepper where every waking moment is spent fortifying your defenses and adding to your five years years of dry goods and shooting your weapons every day practicing for when the zombies appear on the horizon?

It’s all good.  Even if you’re just prepping a little, it’s just that much less help you’ll need if the country/world/economy really does come undone.

I like to do this every so often, so here’s my question to you:

What form do think TEOTWAWKI will take and when will it happen?

The  economy?  Global warming?  Peak oil?  Asteroid?

and when will it happen – 2012?  2014?  Undetermined, but sooner rather than later?  Unknown?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

-Jarhead Survivor