Prepper Priorities for the New Year

new year's resolutions for preppers

Ok preppers, the holiday season is over.  The Christmas presents are open and either now put to good use, lost, or best prepperstored in the back of the closet.  The tinseled tree is down, converted into mulch or a flash flame up bonfire.  So, sorry folks, but it is time to get back to work and time to re-focus on your prepping and survival mission.

By Dr. John J. Woods, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

For many the past year was a bit of a mix of economic opportunity or blatant failure depending on your status or situation.  If you are fearful of world conditions, then there should be plenty going on to feed your paranoia.  Our president is busy trying to drain the swamp, but the beavers keep building back the dams as fast as they are opening.

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Worldwide threats continue on the horizon.  Home grown terrorists are in our midst right now.  There is little to SHTFprevent these attacks except keeping out a watchful eye for unusual occurrences or behaviors.  Insane human beings will continue to go on killing sprees and no gun laws will prohibit that.  Crime and assault continue.  We have to be better prepared and constantly diligent.

However in the limited focus of you and your family, there is little one can do to impact any of these external issues.  So, it is time to concentrate on your own preparedness.  It is easy to allow tunnel vision to creep in, so the balance is to secure your own safety and survival potential while scanning the horizon for threats that might impact you.

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Accordingly, here are a few aspects of life these days that preppers need to give attention to as an overall plan to Survivalistindividual and group survival.  Note that not all of these components of prepping are mere survival supplies, food, water, and weapons.  You have to adopt a wider view of the whole life survival issue.

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