Prepper Kid – Questions for Readers

Ok readers, there is a bright young lad among you. He’s asked us for some prepping tips. As  usual, we have some answers, but we got his permission to post the email and open things up to readers for additional feedback.

Dear people of SHTF Blog,
Hi, my name is Prepper Kid. I was wondering if you had any tips at all for a 12 year old that would help expand my knowledge of TEOTWAWKI skills that would help me survive and thrive. I don’t have much money or space to have an extensive store of food and water, although I do have a bug out bag. I was hoping that you would help this fellow survivor to survive.
>My parents do not prep, I love nature and camping, that led me to survival and sustainable living (Offgridsurvival), and that site led me to you guys. I read every post and I’ve paid attention to everything you guys talk about.
Sincerely, a fellow prepper.

I think a bug out bag is a commendable start! I think your next step is to get your parents involved, in any way you can. Maybe send them to the easy-to-digest site.  If you can point out the common disaster for your area, and the readiness steps that are recommended for that scenario, perhaps they’ll see the wisdom in some basic preps. You’ll have a lot easier time of prepping with them on board.

As for the skills, keep on camping. Pick up as many outdoor skills as you can, fire starting, tracking, hunting, first aid, shelter building, these will all come in handy throughout your life. Maybe some readers will post links to their favorite tutorials.

We live in a technological age, so keep up on your math and science and tech knowledge, it will keep you employed while the grid is up.  Do take the time to develop skills and hobbies that can be pursued without grid inputs too. That will give you something to do when the lights are out, whether they’re out for a few hours or a few years.
I’ll let the readers take things from here, after this last thought from me. I thought, what do I wish someone had told me at 12? I wish someone had told me to avoid debt. I wish someone had put some fire and brimestone behind warnings of debt.  So PrepperKid, that’s my advice to you.

Keep prepping, enjoy the relative freedom you’ll have in high school for exploration of skills and interests.  Stay safe!

– Calamity Jane