Preparedness Scenario – What Would You Do?

Are You Prepared For A Break In?

Awhile back someone asked if I could cook up some preparedness scenarios to see how people would fare if they were to happen, so here’s my first scenario…

It’s been six months since the economy crashed. Rather than a complete collapse of civilization like most people was expecting it was more of a slow crumbling of a rather large empire. The government is still in place, food is hard to come by, but not impossible, there’s been inflation but no hyperinflation as was first expected. In order to bring matters under control the government has imposed austerity measures and one of those was to cut back aid to the poor.

Unfortunately, your town had to make cuts to the police force and the crime rate has now tripled. Burglary and robbery have skyrocketed, but all forms of violent crime have risen across the board. It used to be that when you called the police you could have an officer there in two minutes, now you’re lucky if they get there in two hours.

Recently there have been a string of violent break ins on your road or block resulting in several attacks and a few serious injuries. The word is that a small gang of robbers is out there preying on the weak and the unprepared.

In the middle of the night you hear someone break the latch on your back door and you instantly know that it’s your turn. The gang is here for you.

Using your own situation RIGHT NOW – such as are you single or do you have a family? Do you have guns in the house? A dog?  Did you know they were coming because you have security alarms or cameras in place?  Do you feel like you could defend yourself?

They’re in the house. What do you do?

Please leave a comment below.  Your ideas may help others from becoming victims.

-Jarhead Survivor


Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads and those guys who have assumed the role of father out there, working to take care of your families or for those who have raised families. Good job, men.


Photo by voteprime