Preemptive Bug Out – Letting Go of the Dream

I get questions, about when I think the S will HTF, and when I recommend that people head for the hills.  I rarely answer those people. Most frame the question in such a way, it’s clear they think we aren’t to that point yet.  I’m of the opinion that we’re there.  Not in an OMG The Grid is DOWN! Let’s GO! sort of way, but in a pack it up, pack it in, downsize and settle someplace for the long haul way.

I’m not sure how many of you read the Archdruid or Lord Bison, but that message seems to be flowing from their pens as well.  At this point it’s not a question of when to BO to avoid the highway congestion, the question is why aren’t you already leaving? There are global protests over wide spread economic downturns, saber rattling from several consistently hostile countries, (including one that could trigger another oil crisis,) a jobless rate that’s staggering, a clear downhill tilt to the oil production, and so on and so forth.  There’s no guarantees about where the next Hurricane Irene or Katrina is going to hit. There’s no guarantees about where the next plant closing is going to happen. The only guarantee I see from this point on is that recoveries from the inevitable setbacks will be longer, harder and sparser.  The social nets are already starting to come unraveled:

Closed School in TX

Governor set to close schools on May 1st.

Public Employee Pension accounts headed towards depletion.

US Army Corps of Engineers will delay levee repairs.

States can’t pay their bills.

Why bother sticking around someplace you feel isn’t going to be a viable community when the SHTF? Sure your house may be nice, but you can’t take it with you.  Sure, your job might be nice, but will it survive a grid down scenario or an oil crisis or a reduction in federal spending? You’d arguably be better off if you give it up now, downsize, move to a more SHTF-friendly location, take the cut in pay and start living like you mean to survive. Waiting around to, “time it right” or suck a little more from the federal teat, that’s just a recipe for disaster.  Then you’re looking at having to relocate, job hunt, plant a garden AND rebuild stores all during the first year of a SHTF event.  Major suckage.

I know a lot of our regulars are already hunkered down.  For those that aren’t, what’s holding you back? Be honest. Are you still hoping for that big raise or trying to keep up appearances?  Are you just not ready to give up on the American Dream?

– Calamity Jane