Organized Crime, Gangs, and Surviving After TEOTWAWKI

Over the last week I’ve been reading various stories in the news about gangs.  This story talks about gang members who dropped off thirty-five dead bodies in the middle of a busy street in Mexico City in front of a bunch of commuters.  Police suspect that it was a war between rival gang factions and the losers were the ones dumped on the highway.

Gangs are everywhere these days.  Mexico, which some now consider a failed state, is rife with them.  It is believed by many that the police and government are either in their pockets or so intimidated by them that they won’t take action against them.  If you Google “gangs” you’ll come back with a pile of hits.  Here’s one I found that I’m sharing with you because it tells how gangs are present in many places today – not just in L.A.


I did some research and one of the things that struck me about gangs is that if you’re a poor man or woman with nothing going for you it makes sense to join one.  Stay with me for a minute before you tell me how immoral and wrong they are because I agree with you, but let’s look at it from the point of view of a young man who has nothing.  I don’t care if he’s black, white, Native American, Asian, Spanish, what have you.

This young man grows up in a poor neighborhood and all he knows is that the people with the cool stuff are the gang members who hang tight and aren’t afraid to fight or kill when they need to.  The gang members are never hungry and they get respect from the “civilians” because they’ve got guns and aren’t afraid to use them.  The young man might be constantly hungry or scared of others and when he’s old enough he finally joins the gang for protection.

Even as a junior member he doesn’t have to worry about eating or friendship.  He has to put in work for the gang, but at least he’s got security. He’s got a family and friends who are willing to look out for him as long as he’s willing to look out for them.  It doesn’t matter to him that they sell drugs or kill others, that’s just the way things are and he’s willing to do it because he’s doing it for his family.

After TEOTWAWKI I’d be willing to bet that the crime rate is going to skyrocket.  Organized crime, whether it be a mafia type family business or a gangland organization, will be one of the few ways people will be able to get security.  Would you be willing to be part of a gang if it meant security and food for you and your family?

This should be a much larger post as I’ve only begun to touch on the smallest part of gang information and psychology, such as the different types of gangs out there:   street gangs like the Crips and Bloods; prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood; and Motorcycle gangs like the Hells Angels.  Don’t take them lightly or you could wind up dead.

In the event of TEOTWAWKI they’re already organized to a certain extent and more used to anarchy than your average citizen, so when the lights go out and you’re busy getting your generator out and solar panels working they’re going to be looking for a way to get on top by whatever means necessary and stay there.  Are you ready for that?

-Jarhead Survivor