Non-Prepping Family Members

My mother asked me this weekend, what I plan to do with family members who don’t prep, in the event of an actual SHTF emergency.  Her and Daddy are some of those non-preppers, even though they know all about my views on that subject.  On a side note, does it tarnish my prepper creds when I can’t even convince my own parents to prep?

Really, in my mind, there are two questions inside my mother’s query. 1) Will I help them if the SHTF? 2) How far do I plan on helping, in terms of number of people/days?

These are questions every prepper needs to ask themselves when they start prepping, and it probably needs to be re-asked every few years or so as situations change.  I figure the answer to the first  question will depend on the magnitude of the emergency. If it’s a small localized emergency, like a chance act of nature wiping their house off the crust of the planet, then yea, I’m absolutely going to help them.  I may not have the liquid assets to help them pay for a few months in a hotel, but I can offer them an air mattress and the use of a bedroom. I know my food stores could feed the extra people for quite awhile, even if they couldn’t grab anything on their way out the door.  Most people in my family would receive the same answer, not just my folks. That’s just the way I feel about things though, I know people say who feel otherwise. They figure anyone who doesn’t prep, doesn’t deserve any help when the SHTF. I understand the sentiment,  but I know I wouldn’t actually be able to turn them away, so I just include them in my plans.

What about a larger magnitude SHTF event? Would I still take on an older couple with not much prepped and health problems to boot? Yes. Even then. Everyone has their imperfections, weak points and ailments, we’re not robots. What they lack in health, they make up for with experience. (Hopefully they don’t hate me for that line.) There are so many reasons why increasing the average number of adults in a household makes good sense.  Easier care of children or those needing nursing.  More hands to help bring in food and money.  More eyes on watch.

Now, sadly, I know that not everyone ends up with the same distribution of positive qualities when it comes to their non-prepping relatives.  If said relative would bring violence or hate into the house, it’s probably a better bet to decide against letting them in.  You could still aid them with food or other assistance, just make sure you plan for that in your preps.

Planning is important, otherwise you might not have enough to give, or you might be tempted to give more than you can spare.  I know, for instance that we could feed 2 more adults for at least 4 months, before we would need to switch some funds around to start buying more groceries. It’s not a bad idea to run some numbers, be it calorie or meal based, just to give yourself a rough estimate for times/amounts. Use the number of people you think you’d be most likely to take in. See how long you can stretch supplies. I know I mostly prep for my immediate family, but it’s nice to know that I can use the same stash to help family in need, and I like to know some hard numbers for that.

How about you? Do you know the answer to the question? Don’t wait till they show up on your door to figure it out. Will you help non-prepping loved ones? Do you and your spouse have the same answer to the question?

Calamity Jane