My Storage Food Indulgences

It seems like all I do right now is eat. (I’m 8 weeks out, for anyone keeping score at home.)  So when it came time to write this post, all I could think about was food. :-D  We’re in another pantry week here, and I’ve been doing a bit of organizing of the stores, and I got to thinking about the little quirks that I store.

I’m sure not everyone stores the same types of food, so I’ll tell you about my little oddities, and you can all tell me about yours in the comments.

Ramen –  I don’t know anyone my age who doesn’t eat it, but I don’t know anyone older than me who eats it.  So, I’m not quite sure if this is an generational/changing-demographics divide, or a tolerance for instant noodles subsiding with age, or what. But, Ramen has been in my storage food since I was in college. In it’s favor, it’s cheap, dried, long lasting, comes with it’s own flavor packets and can be made with only boiling water.  Usually when I make it for my family I make “Super Ramen.” Everyone gets a heaping ladle of stir-fry veggies, with a fried egg over that.   Even as Super Ramen, it’s still pennies for a meal.  But, it’s not something I can pick up locally, we have to pick it up when we’re in a bigger city. And it’s certainly not health food.

Gelatin – So, here’s more of my craziness, I’ll store Ramen, but I turn my nose up at Jello.  I can’t stand the stuff. It’s got weird “flavors” and I can’t control the sugar level in it, so I avoided it.   Marriage means compromises though, and hubby loves jello, and of course Boy #1 does too.  So, we store Knox Gelatin. It can be made with fruit juices into something pretty tasty.  It’s more versatile than those flavored sugar boxes of Jello, and stores better too.

Popcorn – Now, this one could be a geographic thing, we do have a lot of corn here in Iowa.  But, I swear, popcorn is an excellent storage food. Get the kernal type, not the pre-packaged, greasy, microwave kind.  It’s dried, sturdy, tasty, pops up into a fluffy bit of fun, which can be dusted with any number of tasty flavorings. It’s healthy, unless you dip it in caramel or cheese.  It’s cheap. It’s long lasting in storage. All you need to prepare it is a bit of heat and oil.

Sprouts – I’m sure there are some of you who store sprouting seeds and enjoy a nice bit of crunchy sprouts.  I also know a fair number of people who completely turn their noses up at it.  So, if you’re on the fence, I’ll lend my support to the sprout fan club.  It can be time consuming to hunt out good quality sources for sprouting seeds, especially if I try to find them locally to avoid paying shipping.  It’s totally worth it in winter though, when nothing else fresh is growing.  Plus, as seed, they are extremely storage friendly, and they don’t take up much space in the pantry.

Ok, that’s all I can think of from my pantry.  If you’ve got something odd you indulge in as you store food, I want to hear about it.  Recipes get you bonus points.

– Calamity Jane