More Hollywood Craziness That Will Get You Killed

The other day I was cruising around the web and stumbled on this video.  Rudy Reyes – a Recon Marine – shows us how to survive after a SHTF event.  He’s introduced as he makes his way into an abandoned city and his first obstacle is a half-raised bridge.  Undaunted he reaches into his trusty pack and pulls out a crowbar and rope.  He ties the the rope on and makes a few loops for climbing all the while telling us how valuable the crowbar is.  He then points out a good spot on the bridge and throws the crowbar aka grappling hook onto it and pulls it tight after securing a positive purchase.  He looks over his shoulder at the camera and says, “You have to have confidence in your abilities,” and then launches himself into space over the river and then climbs up to the rope to the bridge.


How many people out there do you know that could actually pull that maneuver off?  That scene is on the first video at around 4:00 minutes.

I’m confident in my abilities.  I rock climb and ice climb and I’m in pretty decent shape for a 48 year old guy, but there’s no way in hell I’d ever do something that stupid ESPECIALLY after a SHTF event where you’re unlikely to find a hospital or first aid station.  Which I’m pretty sure you’d need after doing something that dumb.

Now, Rudy Reyes was probably a good Marine and I have the utmost respect for his abilities and experience; however, where I take umbrage is the Hollywood folks trying to sell this stupidity to the American people.  You just know there’s some bonehead out there watching and thinking, “Oh hell yeah.  I could do that.”  And to be fair maybe there are a few people out there that could actually pull this kind of stunt off, but I guarantee they’re few and far between.

The whole video is full of crazy things like that.  Sliding down an empty elevator shaft, walking through a dark building to clear it from potential aggressors with a flashlight (can you say big fat juicy target?), jumping down into a sewer in the dark.  Why not just climb down until your feet hit the ground?  Using a parkour move to grab a ladder and other stunts like that.

The video does have some good stuff in that he runs around scavenging various things up to help him survive from places I never would have thought of, but for the most part if you try and do what he does you’ll find yourself floating down river or crumpled up at the bottom of an elevator shaft.  There’s an interesting concept in the 5th and final part of the video that shows him making home-made diesel fuel out of old cooking grease, which I’d like to try some time.  (But I wouldn’t use it in a motor that I needed that’s for sure.)

But who am I to judge?  Watch one or all of the videos and let me know what you think in the comments below.

How would you survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

-Jarhead Survivor