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Today’s post is going to jump around a little, so stay with me.

wool shirt1

Awesome Military Wool Shirt

Gear – I wrote a post recently about shopping at your local Army/Navy store and I had to tell you about another great buy.  I was in Augusta recently with Mrs Jarhead and as is our way she went to the thrift store and I went to the Army/Navy store where I found a military wool shirt that fit me perfectly.  I haven’t worn a shirt like that since the 80’s and it’s exactly the same kind I was issued back then for cold weather training.  It was in excellent condition and I paid $14 for it.  Hell yeah!  That’s all I’ve worn for a jacket since I bought it and I love it.  Check out the pic:

Generator Post – I just wanted to clear up one thing about the generator post I did awhile back.  Someone asked if I thought I’d be running that generator any length of time if and when TSHTF.  First of all, in a long term grid down scenario the obvious answer is no.  The main reason for that generator is for short term power outages due to storms, accidents, and that kind of thing.  I live out in the country and when the power goes out here it’s not a high priority to Central Maine Power to get us back up and running like they do for the cities and towns.  I’m at a point in my life where I can afford this luxury and decided, “Why not?”  So I did.

Ron Paul – Told you I was going to jump around.  Has anybody noticed the media blackout around Ron Paul?  Now that he’s currently ahead in Iowa they’re finally putting him in the limelight, although it’s mostly negative attention.  I don’t know what your current political persuasion is, but I do know that the media should not be the ones to dictate who we are going to vote for by completely cutting one man out of his airtime.

If you’ve been reading here any length of time you know that I’m not a fan of the main stream media and this is just another nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned.

To be clear – will I vote for Ron Paul?  Who knows?  But I really detest the fact that a candidate can be cut out of the herd and ignored like he’s been.  If it wasn’t for the Internet I doubt anybody would have heard of him.  Here’s a funny vid of John Stewart bringing Ron Paul’s dilemma to light.

Snow Tires – On the way home from my folks house on Christmas we had to negotiate about four inches of new-fallen snow.  Not that big a deal here in the Northeast, but this was one of those really greasy snow falls where lots of people wind up out in the petunias because they don’t have snow tires or they’ve forgotten how to drive in the snow since the previous year.


Don't forget your snow tires this season

Anyway, for various reasons Mrs. Jarhead and I wound up taking separate vehicles and on the way home I let her go first so I could keep an eye on her and make sure she was ok.  She had our daughter in her vehicle and I had my son in mine.  About halfway home someone pulled out in front of her and immediately started fish-tailing all over the place.  This driver was completely unprepared for the snow and it was obvious by the way they skidded back and forth on the road.  There’s a large hill called the Moose Crossing halfway home and this person didn’t have a prayer of making it up over the hill.  Mrs. Jarhead gave them plenty of room and when they got about halfway up they were forced to stop because they simply didn’t have the proper tires for the job.

Mrs. Jarhead drives a Jeep Cherokee and I have a Dodge Ram 4 x 4 gas guzzling pick up truck, but when I put it in 4 low I didn’t even slide once on the way home.  I also bought four new snow tires about a month ago.  It’s worth the peace of mind to get some good tires.

Be prepared folks.  Snow tires are expensive, but is it worth your life not having them?  Getting stuck on a hill today might be an inconvenience, but going over a cliff or sliding into oncoming traffic tomorrow could really wreck your day.

Contest –  I need to go through all the comments on the firesteel post and I’ll try to have a winner picked out this Friday.  Thanks for all the great ideas.


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