MD Creekmore’s The Survivalist Blog – Blog Review

When I started writing SHTF Blog back in 2007 it seemed like there were just a few of us writing survival-related blogs, one of which was MD Creekmore’s Survivalist Blog (survival tips). I remember at the time that Creekmore had a limited following and it seemed like his blog was constantly getting revamped. His posting schedule, like many casual bloggers, was a bit inconsistent and I suspect he was realizing what many beginning bloggers realize – serious blogging takes a lot of time and energy. These are lessons I had to learn as well.

The Survivalist Blog has come a long way since then. Like any beginner that remains consistent and diligent, Creekmore’s skills improved slowly and steadily. His web design skills have improved as well. Today’s Survivalist Blog is quite different than what it was 3-4 years ago. Creekmore has an established, healthy following of readers and he updates his site regularly. He interacts regularly with his readers and strives to develop content they can find useful.

I have not always thought that Creekmore’s approach to blogging is perfect, but whose is? Mine certainly isn’t, and any time that I’ve highlighted something I disagree with, it was usually tongue-in-cheek. Creekmore’s consistent blogging through highs and lows has paid off for him. He operates a great site.

– Ranger Man