Making Bread With A Bread Maker

I thought I’d take a break from the survival scenario this week and write about something else.

Awhile back I bought a Zojirushi Bread maker that I’ve been using to make bread.  I’ve learned the hard way that you get what you pay for, so I bought a pretty decent one that a friend tried and highly recommended.breadmaker

This thing rocks the house.

I’ve never made bread before, but Mrs. Jarhead and my mom told me stories of kneading bread and how much time it took and so forth and so on.  Mrs. Jarhead was a little skeptical when I ordered this machine, but she kept an open mind as I unpacked it and set it up.

Actually, there’s no effort to using this bread maker.  You simply dump the ingredients in the pan and let the device do the rest.  It’s so easy to use that even your favorite Jarhead Survivor can create an awesome loaf of bread!   You can picture me in the kitchen with an apron and a streak of white across my forehead if you want to.

There’s a book of recipes that comes with the instructions that are easy to understand and follow, and if you’re still a little unsure there’s even a DVD you can watch that shows how to do everything from start to finish.  (Yes, I watched it.)

My first loaf of bread was a simple white bread and it came out awesome.  Then I tried a loaf of whole wheat and I had similar results with the bread coming out super tasty.  Mrs Jarhead is now a believer and has even used it to make pizza dough, which was amazing.

What’s the downside of this bread maker?  The instructions are all for a two pound loaf of bread and it comes out a little big for making sandwiches or storing in regular bread bags.  That’s something I’m willing to work with though.   With this machine in the house I don’t think we’ve bought bread in the last few months.

The other day I was walking through Hannafords here in Maine and out of curiosity I stopped to see how much a loaf of whole wheat bread cost.  It was almost five dollars!!  I’m making bread in this bread maker for less than a $1 a loaf!!

I know that with inflation creeping up the price of bread is simply going to keep going higher and higher and that’s why I’ve got a pile of flour and other fixings stored up.  I’m also considering ordering a grinder so that I can grind my own wheat, which lasts a lot longer.

Any thoughts on grinders?

-Jarhead Survivor