Making A Small Survival Kit

Today was a good day.  I got to visit my local Army/Navy store while Mrs Jarhead went up to the Goodwill to do some shopping.  As I browsed through the various treasures I finally came upon a small camo bag that would fit perfectly in my truck toolbox.  Score!


I’ve been looking for something like this to make a small bug-out/survival bag and was thrilled when I saw it back in the used ALICE pack section of the store.  It was reasonably priced, so I picked it up.  Here’s a picture of it next to my bug-out bag.  It’s got less capacity, but I want to keep something in the truck with essential equipment just in case.

Check out this recent story of a guy who got stuck in the Maine woods for four days.  Granted, I wouldn’t try to cross that washout with that particular vehicle, but the story is short on details, so until I hear more I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt.


Anyway, back to the new survival bag.  The idea is to have it live in the truck.  Schlepping my bug-out bag around between vehicles is a pain sometimes, but I hate leaving home without something as a back up, which is why I’ve had this particular idea brewing in the back of my mind.  Its got straps, so that I can throw it over my shoulders and wear it as a pack if I have to.   As a matter of fact, it reminds me of a miniature seabag when I sit and look at it.

In the second picture I’ve put a light sleeping bag in just to fill it out a little.  Here’s a couple of small items I’ll be putting in it (that’s my knife and a firesteel in the far left of the picture.)

So far I have a 2 qt canteen, a canteen cup, a small stove, whistle and compass, matches, and my knife.

The way I envision using this bag is if I somehow manage to get myself stuck or broke down in the middle of the woods I’ll have enough gear to survive comfortably.


Here’s my question to you:  knowing how I want to use it and seeing what I already have for equipment in the pictures, what would you put in it for survival gear?  I already have some gear in the truck like a hatchet, saw, tarp, etc, but my toolbox is only so big and I do have tools and other equipment in there.    This particular bag would be for hiking out.   (The third picture is my toolbox.)

How about it SHTFblog readers?  What would you put in the kit?  I like asking you guys these kinds of questions because there’s always some good ideas and your answers help out our new readers as well.

Shout out your answers below and thanks in advance!

-Jarhead Survivor