Mainstream Media- Seeing Is Believing

Quick note:  As I’m sure you noticed if you checked in earlier we had problems with the blog today.  The tech guys finally got it fixed, but alas, a couple of days of posts were lost to the bit bucket of random computer mishaps.  Luckily, I keep a back up of my posts and I’m putting todays back out there.

For those of you who commented earlier thanks and please feel free to comment again.  Sorry for the inconvenience and if anybody ever comes across a virus writer please shoot me an email and tell me where he lives.  I’ve got something for him.

-Jarhead Survivor


On to the post!

Once again I turn my attention to the mainstream media.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching the Wall Street Protest grow in size. image

What?  You only noticed it a week ago?  Well, that’s because the main news outlets that I visit, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, etc, weren’t reporting on it until just recently.

Why not?  That’s an excellent question and if you find out please let me know.

Another thing I noticed awhile back during one of the Republican debates is that Ron Paul won second place, but the next day when I logged into the MSM sites all I saw were write ups about the other major players, but nothing about Ron Paul.  What happened?  It seems to me that if you win second place in a nationally covered political debate you might at least have some kind of honorable mention in the paper.  Nope.  They had his name, but that was about it.

Now, if you want to know the blow-by-blow account of the Amanda Knox trial just go to CNN or MSNBC and you’ll get all the information you want.  Did Michael Jackson’s doctor really do it?  Surf on over to one of the MSMs and watch it live and in color, baby.  What’s the latest word on Apple’s latest product?  You’ll find it in the MSM.

“Hey Jarhead.  What’s this got to do with SHTF or TEOTWAWKI?”

I’m glad you asked.  Now maybe I’m just being paranoid, but it seems to me that the media is going to report whatever they deem newsworthy and that doesn’t always seem to line up with what people want to hear about.  I’d like to think we can count on them to report the news instead of trying to make it, but when they fill up air time with talking heads who are predicting one thing and then there’s an article below that saying the exact opposite you have to wonder.

For the most part they do seem to get the word out about what’s going on; however, it’s not hard to detect the slant that a particular web site is writing from.  You just have to be careful about what you’re reading and where you’re reading it from.

The internet is a wonderful resource for sharing news and information and if you dig hard enough you can usually find out what’s going on in the world.  This is just a word of caution not to believe everything you see or hear… the truth is out there folks, but sometimes it’s buried a few layers down.

What’s your favorite news site?

-Jarhead Survivor


For those of you who wanted to lose weight along with me I did my first weigh-in Tuesday and I officially lost 3.2 lbs.  I hope everybody else is meeting with equal success! 

Now, my unofficial loss is 6.4 pounds in just over two weeks.  Let me explain.  When I first started we weren’t officially in the Weight Watchers program, but I recorded my highest weight ever at that point – 188.6 lbs!!!!  Holy Schamoly!  I weighed in again on Tuesday morning – first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything (same as I did above) – and was down to 182.2. 

I’ve been lifting weights, doing some brutal Crossfit workouts and some cardio on the exercise bike in addition to eating a proper diet.  The weight loss will slow down as I get closer to my goal, but I’m happy with my progress so far.