Jarhead Survivor Firesteel Contest

Today’s post is a request for your ideas.  I’ve always noted how smart you guys are (you read SHTFblog right?) and now here’s your chance to prove just how clever you are.

I bought a few types of firesteels recently over at Firesteel.com and I’m placing them in strategic locations such as bug-ofiresteel-miniature__45893_zoomut bags, my camp, vehicles, etc.  But I really want to find a way to wear one on me somehow or other and that’s where you guys come in.

Here’s what the one I want to wear looks like (see photo.)  The dimensions are 3/20 x 2 inches.  I need to find a way to mount it, tie it, or somehow secure it so that it doesn’t fall off during every day use.

Some options might be a necklace, or on a belt, or maybe on my everyday carry knife.  (Note – you can buy them with lanyard holes, but I didn’t and they say not to drill or you’ll get a huge shower of sparks.

And what do you get in return for providing this brilliant idea – other than my eternal gratitude and recognition here at the blog?

I will send you one of the very Firesteel firestarters that I am looking to wear myself.  camillus

How cool is that?  Once you have this bad boy on your person you’ll be able to light a fire no matter where you go!  Sweet!

If you have an idea put it in the comments below.  If I wind up using your idea you get the Firesteel.

Let’s hear your ideas in the comments below.

-Jarhead Survivor