It’s Gettin’ Crazy Out There With the Political Correctness Folks

The other day my three year old son came home with a note from his daycare.  It’s a pretty good daycare:  the teachers are nice and well trained, the facility is well maintained, and it’s not what I would consider overcrowded by today’s standards.  His note had to do with him bringing a weapon to school and said that he was not to bring it any more.  When Mrs. Jarhead read the note in the vehicle on the way home she couldn’t stop laughing for at least five miles.  Here’s the note:



You don’t encourage the use of weapons at school?  You mean my little card carrying member of the NRA can’t bring his Gat to school?  He’s not going to be getting rifle lessons after his noon-time nap?

Now having read the note I thought I’d show you the weapon he brought to school:



Ok, I thought it was pretty silly and just let it go, but then I read this story about a deaf three year old who signs his name in such a way that it looks like he’s making a gun with his hand and fingers – and the school asked him not to do it because it looks like a weapon!


Folks, if you’re offended or scared by that you really need to get a life.  Political correctness in this country has reached a fever pitch of absurdity if you ask me.  With people fighting over stupid things like this, and MSM reporting daily on how Snooki and Kim Kardashian are doing, it’s no wonder our country is going to hell in a hand-basket.

At some point folks we have to remember where we came from and put all this silliness behind us.  We’ve got serious problems facing us and we don’t need these kinds of distractions taking away from the real issues such as a lousy economy, high unemployment, a steadily worsening environment, wars, crime, and politicians so afraid to say the wrong thing that nothing gets addressed.

C’mon America.  Dig deep, find your courage, and let’s face these issues head on instead of tap dancing around to some gleeful mainstream-media reporter trying to raise ratings.

I’ll let George Carlin tell it like it is:


I’m going to spend a day just saying it like it is folks and I encourage you join me.  Instead of saying, “There is a possibility of a societal decline due to financial factors brought on by suboptimal lending practices and a high incidence of negative cash flow in today’s Americans,” I’m going to say, ‘The shit’s gonna hit the fan because we greedy Americans couldn’t stop borrowing and got ass deep in debt.”

What do you think?  Have you had enough?

-Jarhead Survivor.