It Feels Like Summer!

I don’t know how it feels where you live, but here in Maine the temperature is in the 70’s and it feels like summer already.  Probably down south you guys are already in the 80’s or higher, but up here it’s an amazing thing to feel temps like this in the middle of March.  It wouldn’t surprise me to have one more big snowstorm before winter lets go of us, but even if we do it’ll be a quick “dump and melt.”  Regardless, this was the first day of the season where my pasty skin actually saw sunlight for a good bit of the day.  (Not as bad as you guys in Minnesota though.  :-)

Between now and the end of April is what we typically call “Mud Season” up here.  You want to take your skidder for a drive in the woods?  Be sure to have a rig ready to pull it out!  I’ve seen those things buried to the axles.

It’s the season when the dogs go out on the lawn and come back in and leave big muddy paw prints across the kitchen floor and the carpet.   It’s the season when kids go out to play and come back in looking like they went to the mud wrestling event at the bar on Saturday night.  You get the idea.

But this year mud season hasn’t been all that bad.  There’s been a lot less snow to melt, which means less mud, but it also means less water for the water table this summer.  Unless we have a rainy spring it could cause some issues later in the summer.   *Note to self:  look into buying a couple more rain barrels.

Global Warming?  I don’t know.  It does seem like we’ve been having some odd weather patterns in the last few years, but if you take a look at the big picture the planet has been having weather for billions of years now and the insects called human beings haven’t been around all that long.  How long have we actually been tracking the weather?  A hundred years?  Pffft!

Before sounding the trump of doom I’d rather get some hard science looking at it.

In the meantime I’ll enjoy the nice weather and marvel at the fact that I saw the first mosquitoes out today.  Speaking of which, pretty soon it’ll be blackfly season and that’s when we see huge hungry hordes of flying terror.  If you’ve never experienced blackflies all I can say is you’re lucky… those of you who have lived in Maine know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, today I started getting some gear together for my nephews at the Army/Navy store and I’m excited to get that project under way. We stopped at Sam’s club and bought some items in bulk for the pantry.  We spent some time with the kids at the park in Augusta and I can’t think of a better way to spend time than being with my family.

What did you do over the weekend?  Is it warm where you are?  Are you still buried in snow?  Did you do anything to boost your preparedness level?  Let your fellow preppers now what you’re up to.

-Jarhead Survivor