Is The Apocalypse Upon Us?

In keeping with a theme I’ve been on for awhile now I’d like to talk about the events going on in the world right now and some things I’ve noticed and seen in the news.

What got me thinking about this was a story I saw in the news about interest in doomsday shelters suddenly going through the roof.  It seems that more people are suddenly taking notice that our world may be a slightly more precarious place to live than once thought.  The last time there was such big interest in this type of shelter was just before the year 2000 – the Y2K scare.

As I’ve pointed out recently there has been a lot of interest lately because of the disaster in Japan, the troubles in the Middle East, and all the problems we’ve been having with economy and the “Great Recession.”  Add to that people scared about the Mayan calendar running out in 2012 and you have a perfect mixture of panic inducing events.

In the story above one guy explains why he took $20,000 of his money to buy a spot in one of these Vivos underground bunkers.  He figures once Armageddon comes he’s got a place for him and his family to go to.  The problem is that he took the money he was planning on buying a house with and put it down on this bunker space for him and his family.  He figures what good is a house if they won’t be around to enjoy it.  Remember my last post?  No balance.

There are a few problems with this kind of thinking.  In case you don’t remember or haven’t been reading here for long I don’t believe that 2012 is a significant year just because the Mayan calendar runs out then, so in my mind to go and buy $20K worth of bunker space instead of a house because next year is Armageddon is a rather stupid move.  I’m sure ya’ll will have your own personal opinions about that, but now you know where I stand.  Could something happen in 2012?  Of course.  It could also happen in 2013 or 2015 and I’m sure there are many Japanese who might argue it already happened in 2011.

A better life-plan may have been to plunk that $20K down on some good defendable property with a stream running through it and some arable land.  That way if something does happen he’d have a much better chance of self-sustained survival instead of depending on someone in an underground shelter to look after them.

Another drawback to this plan is that you have to travel some distance in order to get to the shelter.  As we all know this could be a huge problem if TSHTF.  But let’s say he does manage to get him and his family to the shelter.  Who says they’re going to let him in?  If you’ve locked yourself in a shelter and all kinds of bad things are happening up above would you keep opening the door for stragglers or would you turn a blind eye and say, “Well, they should have been here a day ago.”  But let’s say that they do get in and find a spot; the story says there is space in that particular shelter for 950 people and it’s about the size of a Walmart.  Holy crowded sheep, Batman!

Personally, I’d rather be up top breathing the air and executing my SHTF plan.

Let’s drag this post back to it’s original point though… is the Apocalypse upon us?  Well, to be honest I don’t know  – I don’t think so; however, I do believe in being prepared and like I said earlier, there’s plenty of bad news in the world right now.  But honestly, I don’t think it’s the end of the world by any stretch.

The point of this whole post is to be alert to what is going on around us, but not to panic over it.  This is where we have a huge advantage over those who don’t prepare.  If and when TSHTF they’ll be crowding the malls and grocery stores and competing for limited resources.  Those who are prepared will be home watching it all on TV.  I’m not saying this to be smug.  I’m saying this because I have a certain level of peace in my life because I know that I’m at least somewhat prepared for many eventualities.

If you have just started looking around at the world and you’re thinking, “Holy cow!  The whole mess is going to come crashing down any minute!”  Don’t panic!  I’m pretty sure that everybody who preps came to that realization at one point and felt the same way.  Come up with a plan, start putting extra food and other supplies aside, and keep a level head.  You only have so many resources you can throw at this, so do it wisely.  I don’t advise you to spend the down payment on your new house on a spot for a bunker.  I do advise you to take it seriously and plan for at least one month’s food in your pantry and start working that up to three month’s supply.

Here’s a parting thought about panic.  When is it a good time to panic?  Never, of course.  No matter how bad a situation gets it can always be made worse with a healthy dose of panic.  Keep your head on straight no matter what happens and you’ll come out the other end a whole lot better than if you didn’t.

Jarhead Survivor


You have to admire the scare tactics of the Vivos marketing group.