Is Our Entitlement Nation Crippling Us?

Lately I’ve been wondering if our country is becoming more and more of an entitlement nation.  When the economy tanked and people started losing their jobs food stamps and other types of welfare started to soar, which you’d expect.

I understand that in a good many cases people have lost their jobs and need some assistance until they can get back on their feet.  Or maybe there’s a young mother raising kids by herself and needs food and milk for her children.  I have no problem with someone who’s down on their luck and finds themselves needing a hand, that’s what these kinds of programs are for; however, what happens when a percentage or our population makes a career of living off welfare?

Check out this Walmart welfare article written by a young lady working here in Maine and some of the things she saw at Walmart while she worked there.

Here’s a story about water dumping in a food stamp scam.  Basically what happens is that people on food stamps will buy a case(s) of water then go outside the store and dump them out onto the ground for the money they can get in returnable bottles.  Once it’s converted to money they can buy cigarettes, alcohol, or whatever.  Of course they take quite a hit money-wise, but they don’t care because it’s not money they had to earn.

Maine isn’t the only one with a food stamp problem.  This story shows that food stamp usage in Idaho is up 270% since 2007.  Again, this is partially due to the economy.

I won’t harp too much on the subject, but I did want to lay a little groundwork.  I don’t have any solid numbers on how many people are doing this, but here in Maine it seems to be fairly common.  Now imagine if TSHTF and these people who have made it a career to be dependent on the state are suddenly without government aid?

In the small town I grew up here in Maine we lived next door to a family that lived off state aid and they had it down cold.  They knew how to work the system for maximum potential and when they ran low on cash they’d rob the local beer store for money and beer.  (That’s not conjecture on my part.)  I see these same people today and some of them are still on welfare to one degree or another.  For them it’s just a way of life.

How will these people act?  This is not a facetious statement meaning, “I think they’ll rob and loot at the drop of a hat.”  I’m honestly curious as to how they will act when the government is no longer there to protect and feed them.

Let me say one more time that I understand that sometimes good people fall on hard times and need a hand.  Where I draw the line is those people who make a career out of depending on the government to subsidize their lifestyle.

Do you think that this is something to worry about if TSHTF?  What are your thoughts on this?

-Jarhead Survivor