Is It Too Early to Think About Gardening?

In the past week I got out the copy of Square Foot Gardening I bought late last fall, dusted it off, opened it up and started reading.  I don’t know if anybody has ever read this book before, but the guy really makes a case for his SFG technique.  I’ve decided to put in a couple of these  4’ x 4’ gardens this summer and I’m looking forward to getting started.    SFG

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I remember as a kid being put to work in my parent’s garden and hating it.  Now I’m looking forward to getting my SFG up and running and maybe even putting in a compost pile, which is supposed to help plants grow to tremendous heights.

Over the last ten years I’ve lived pretty much a gypsy’s life moving from one place to another and never really settling down.  Now that I have a family and we’ve found our dream house and location I’m feeling the urge to plant something.  As you might guess I’ve never done much in the way of gardening and I’m wondering what might be some good plants to start out with?

My plan is to have two of the 4 x 4 plots and surround it with fencing so the critters don’t get into it.  High enough to keep the deer out and buried to help keep the groundhogs out.

Now, the idea behind the SFG is to make a 4 x 4 plot using boards or whatever you have on hand and then to divide that area up into smaller areas (check out RM’s SFG here.) Each plant gets its own little area to grow and flourish and you can even plant it so that you get multiple yields throughout the summer.   The dirt is made up of equal parts blended compost, vermiculite and peat moss all mixed together and then dumped into the garden.  At this point I’m going to try it by the book.  I read RM’s trials and tribulations with his garden last year and I hope I’ve learned a few things from his misfortune.



Out of curiosity, how many of you readers have gardens and when do you plant?  I know in the south you’ve probably already got lush gardens growing, but here in Maine I think we plant in late July and pray it doesn’t snow by the time we harvest in mid-August.  (I’m kidding.  Kinda.)  But we do have a shorter growing season than our friends in the south.

What’s a good easy crop to plant?  I’m definitely going to have green beans because that’s my all time favorite veggie and I’m really looking forward to some fresh greens too.

What do you put in your garden?

Images by:

Wally Hartshorn
Tian Yake



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