Internet Armchair Commando Warriors – Your Biggest Threat WTSHTF

There are any number of threats one can think of when contemplating a SHTF scenario: hunger, heat loss, sickness, etc. Even if you’re able to account for your family’s preparations in the way of food, heat and shelter, your next threat comes in the form of security, people that want need what you have, because they failed to prepare.

To my knowledge, there has been no research done by the “SHTF Institute for Survival Studies” on how much of the prepper population is comprised of people whose idea of preparation is solely “I’ll buy lots of guns and ammo and then I’ll be set”, but I suspect it’s a sizable number. One need only look at prepping blogs and compare how many comments gun posts yield to those more mundane posts like how to store food.

My impression, based on many conversations with various preppers, is that those in the “firearms only” category break down further into two categories: those that buy firearms with the intent of stocking up on other supplies later (and then never do), and those more evil individuals who plan to use their firearms to take what they need (whether they verbalize that intent or not). I suspect the majority do not fall into the latter category as I believe most people are generally kind at heart, but they may inevitably enter the “take by force” crowd when the chips are down.

These “firearms only” folks, the “Armchair Commando” and “Internet Warrior” types will be the single biggest threat to preppers when the shit goes down. Why?

  1. They recognize shit could hit the fan. They see potential threats so they won’t be entirely surprised WTSHTF. What will surprise them is that they’re not nearly as prepared as they thought they would be. Where total non-preppers may be temporarily stunned by the events, these Armchair Commandos will know they need to act – now – before everyone else freaks out. They can’t eat brass and lead, but they can feed it to you. Then they’ll just raid your freeze dried food storage.
  2. They have guns – lots of guns. They have so many guns and so much ammo that they’ll call their nearby friends and say, “See, I told you so. Get over here and gear up – we’re hitting the grocery store – now.” Then they’ll get there and realize others were thinking the same thing. (Keep your head down.)
  3. They’re *bleeping* crazy! They may have night vision scopes, body armor and drum fed assault rifles, but they never purchased a Big Berkey Water Purifier or 55 gallon water barrels. They have enough pre-loaded magazines that they can feed their rifles at rapid fire until the barrels melt. They will take risks because they have to, but also because they have illusions of grandeur. They think they’re awesome – invincible!

There are only 3 ways I can think of to defend against these folks:

  1. Stay the hell away! Keep a super low profile. Where they think they are invincible, you must be invisible.
  2. Outgun them! (Good luck with that.)
  3. Befriend them! Rather than spend large sums of money on a few more guns, spend a modest sum of money on a lot more beans, rice and wheat. Then if the SHTF, reach out to them first! “Yo dawg, you got guns, I got grub.”

Armchair commando internet warriors sketch me out.

– Ranger Man

BTW: Here is an entertaining cartoon rendition of a firearms forum discussion (email subscribers may need to visit this post directly to see the embedded video).  Note: this video contains profane language. It’s a funny clip and (sadly) possesses a certain amount of truth to it. I think you’ll like it.

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