How Paranoid Should We Be?

A lot of people who comment here have their own blogs and I like to take few minutes and check them out from time to time to see what’s on their minds.  I don’t get to read them as much as I’d like to these days because I’m busy with kids, but those are the sacrifices we make for our families.  (I just got my five month old daughter to nap after being cranky for a good bit of the afternoon.)

I like to think that SHTFblog is a middle of the road kind of paranoid compared to some of the stuff you read out there.  No finger pointing from me as I’m plenty paranoid, but I try to read both ends of the spectrum and choose a spot somewhere near the middle of the spectrum.  All preppers are at least a little paranoid about something or else you’d be reading something else right now.

There are plenty of people out there who think that FEMA camps are standing by to inter innocent Americans once the SHTF and who knows?  They might be right.  Personally, I don’t think so, but then again I try to position myself so that I don’t have to worry about these things.

Do I have a big set of government crosshairs on me because I’m a writer for SHTFblog?  I can’t imagine that I’m that important in the grand scheme of things no matter how paranoid I get.  The government has bigger fish to fry than me and no matter how paranoid I get I can’t imagine that my name is on a list like it might have been back in Hitler’s Germany.  There are enough blog writers out there these days that it would be a pretty long list if that were the case.  I don’t read what I consider to be the more paranoid blogs and say, “That’s a bunch of horse-puckey!”  because they might be right.

How Paranoid?

Lets pick on FEMA camps for a second as an example of paranoia keeping in mind there are plenty of other things on the paranoia radar.  I have friends who talk about FEMA camps and the crash of American civilization with absolute certainty.  Playing Devil’s Advocate here it seems to me that the world has been quite resourceful when it comes to kicking the can down the road and keeping civilization afloat – economically speaking that is.  And if there were a huge crash why would FEMA care about putting people in camps?  There wouldn’t be much left to control and who would man them anyway?

Am I wrong?  “Hey Jarhead!  When TSHTF you’re gonna wind up in an internment camp up in Northern Maine along with your fellow writers.”

Or is it “Hey Jarhead!  The government has bigger fish to fry than your sorry ass.”

Which is it?  With the passing of the Patriot Act and NDAA I could almost be persuaded to change my mind and swing towards the paranoid end of the spectrum.

What do you think?  How paranoid should we be?

-Jarhead Survivor