How Far Back Would You Go?

Today’s post is kind of an all over the place kind of thing, but have fun with it and let me know what your favorite era in history is.

I’ve been out of touch with the news this week as I’ve been camping with the family (still am), but I did manage to get a local newspaper – the actual paper kind – and read through it.  The most interesting thing on the front page was the discovery of the Higgs boson, which I thought was pretty cool.  I’d link to it, but I don’t have Internet as I write this, so you’ll have to Google it yourself and check it out if necessary.

Anyway, it’s been fun without the Internet this week.  You don’t realize how prevalent something is or how dependent on it we get until you don’t have access to it any more.  Today I spent about three hours in the lake with my son and it was fun to watch him progress with his swimming.

Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off in a more simple time.  I was raised in the 70’s and 80’s and can remember rotary phones, no cell phones or other gadgets, personal computers weren’t even heard of and an electric typewriter was the business weapon of choice.  Star Trek had just come out and I knew even at that young age that I was going to be a Trekkie forever.

Heck, I even remember at my grandparents house in Canada using a chamber pot, an outhouse, no running water, and a woodstove to heat on the coldest of winter nights and it didn’t seem like a hardship at the time, although I was pretty young at the time.

The Question 

My question to you is:  how far back would you go?  The 40’s?  20’s?  The 1800’s?  Even further back?  Roman civilization?  Etruscan?  Egyptian times?

Last weekend I went on a tour of an old house from the 1800’s and was struck by the sophisticated, yet simple, way they solved things like lighting, bathing, heating, and so on.  It was an interesting tour and I learned a lot about how the people from that time period lived.  If you have a chance I’d advise you to go to something similar to see how we lived back then.

One of my favorite times to read about in history is right around the time of Mesopotamia and the rise of the first civilizations in the fertile crescent.  I often wonder how life was back then.  I’m sure it was hard and even brutal at times, but damn it, it must have been interesting! 

Would you go back to an earlier time than that?  Back to the stone age and live as a hunter gatherer?  Or maybe to the 1500’s in England?

So my question to you today is, if you had a time machine to what time period would you go?  Do you think it would be good for the world if we had some kind of SHTF event that took us back to that time period to reboot our civilizations?  Maybe start over with all the global warming and over population and whatnot?

C’mon, I know you have a favorite period in history.  Let me know what it is in the comments below.

-Jarhead Survivor