How Bad Could It Get–For Real?

Ranger Man wrote a post awhile back about the different types of preppers/survivalists.  If you haven’t read it yet it’s worth a couple of minutes to check out the definitions, which will allow you to figure out where you stand in the prepper hierarchy.

I like the definitions because they point out to some degree or other what we as preppers believe will happen some day.  All of us agree that at some point there will be a SHTF situation that will force us to rely on ourselves for some period of time thus justifying the time, energy, and money we’ve put into our preparations.  Some of us have already been in those situations.

But what the definitions lack is feeling. I feel that sooner rather than later there is going to be some kind of economic issue that will cause me to feel justified for all the time I’ve put into worrying and getting my house ready for just such an event.  I read the news every day and although the mainstream media would have you think otherwise things just aren’t looking all that rosy.

The truth is that anything can happen.  All I have to do is point the finger at Japan and think, “Man, these people were just minding their own business, maybe worrying about the economy or what they were going to have for dinner, and bam.  Earthquake.  Tsunami.  Radioactive leaks.  Roaming power outages.”  How in the world could someone be totally ready for such a terrible chain of events?  Answer:  if you lived there on the coast you couldn’t.  Probably the best thing you could have had on hand is a bug-out bag and a BOV ready to get you away from the wave.  Their lives were changed forever by this series of disasters.

Now here’s the thing – I’ve talked to many people here in the states who seem to think nothing like that could ever happen here.  Their attitude is that even if there were some big disaster it would probably be in some other part of the country, so why get all worked up over it?  That’s wishful thinking and when the metaphorical tidal wave comes rolling in I’m going to be ready.  They’re not.

Currency comes and goes

How bad could it get?  Look at where you live and figure out the five most likely disasters that might happen.  Job loss.  Earthquake.  Flood.  Wild fire. If there was an economic disaster could there be food riots where you live?

What?  The economy could never crash because it’s never happened before?  Wrong.  It happened in Argentina and Weinmar, Germany, Zimbabwe and other places throughout the world in recent times.  What?  We don’t have to worry about that because we’re the biggest empire in the world?  Hmmm, I’ll bet that’s exactly what the Romans thought until their world domination came to an end.    And the USSR looked pretty forbidding from the outside until their economy totally collapsed.

Most of us prepare in such a way that the preps we do make only enhance our lifestyle instead of costing money and detracting from it.  Some of us have hidey holes in the mountains and are hunkering down with rifles and a few close friends waiting for the world to go to hell.  Some of us are in between.  I do know that when I talk to someone who’s not into prepping that I approach the subject carefully, because I don’t want them to think I spend a lot of my time patrolling my booby-trapped property with an illegal fully automatic M-16 waiting to go to war with some unnamed horde.  If I start to get “that look” I back off, smile, and change the subject so that they can see how normal I am.  Right?

I don’t throw stones at those who see a conspiracy in government actions.  I don’t actually believe that FEMA camps are being put up so that Americans can be interred when TSHTF and the Army and National Guard take over, but I can’t actually disprove it either.

Who’s right and who’s wrong?  Only time will tell.

-Jarhead Survivor


What do you think?  I’d like this to be a safe forum for people to express their ideas because I’d like to see what people are thinking out there.  I won’t tolerate any personal attacks from readers on other readers for voicing an opinion.  Please let me know in the comments below.