How About That Economy?

If you’ve got a pulse and can read or turn on the TV you’ve probably heard about the market dive on Friday.  A little bad news seems to have broke that camel’s back, but since the market seems to have decoupled from reality a long time ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if it bounced back again this week on a good news coming out of Europe (such as another round of quantitative easing for them or something equally crazy.)  I say that because I don’t believe you can spend your way out of debt.

As you can probably tell I’m bearish on the market and the economy over the next few years.  The government and the mainstream media keep telling us it’s getting better and printing favorable statistics, only to revise them downwards later when they hope nobody is watching.  Guess what?  We’re onto your tricks MSM and US Government!  We can see what’s happening and it’s an election year.  Not that there’s a whole lot we can do about it at this point.  The fuse is lit and we’re just waiting for the debt bomb to blow up.

Don’t you wish you could look into the future and see what’s going to transpire over the next year or two?  Or ten?  But since we don’t have that capability the best we can do is be prepared for anything that happens – as much as we can be anyway.

What are your thoughts?  Is this simply the beginning of a market correction or the start of an economic melt down?  How bad is it going to get?  What can the government do to pull us out of this if anything?

Let me know what you think.

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-Jarhead Survivor