Holding Your Ground – Total Defense Book Review

I received a complimentary copy of the Holding Your Ground – Total Defense book to review. My first thought was “why has it taken so long for someone to write this?” Sure there are military manuals out there that cover similar topics, but they’re just that, military manuals. They’re written for the military, with all of the military’s support systems in mind. This book is written for the average prepper (or perhaps the prepper on roids, a.k.a. a “survivalist”).

Who should read this book?

Holding your Ground is written for people who prepare for a time when two critical situations become reality:

  1. The government no longer provides security, either locally or nationally.
  2. There is a disruption in the food supply.

A portion of the book’s introduction describes its intent:

The purpose of this book is to provide instruction, ideas and concepts for protecting your family in the event of a break down in society or services. This book uses scientific facts, historical examples and good old common sense as the basis for the content ….

The questions generated by preparation activities are typically answered with more questions and a cycle of analysis paralysis quickly ensues. This book attempts to provide a methodology and scientific processes to assist the reader with preparation activities in the area of Security, or defense of their location. Unfortunately, Security has to overlap with other primary needs, such as shelter, water and food. This book will not provide you with plans for the construction of an underground bunker, but will provide instruction on how to defend it ….

Defensive Planning and Preparation can be performed in the privacy of your own home and with other individuals with whom you share similar beliefs. There is nothing in this book about deploying barbwire barriers across your front yard, or digging siege trenches around your garden, so you don’t have to worry about the neighbors thinking you are crazy or radical.

My second thought, upon seeing the $27.00 price, was “seriously?” That’s high for a paperback book, let alone an ebook. Is it worth the price? I think that depends on you and your situation. Knowledge is power, so to that extent it’s worth the money (if you want this type of information). Holding Your Ground is good at what it covers. I’d tell you if it was trash, and it’s not trash. Many self-published ebooks are poorly written. This book is not poorly written. It is well written, well laid out and contains descriptive diagrams.

Holding Your Ground – Total Defense also comes emailed with a spreadsheet that helps you use the book to get information for your situation (the spreadsheet can be done paper and pen). There are 181 pages in Holding Your Ground – Total Defense. For a reduced, $9.95 price you can also buy a smaller, location-specific version of the book: Farm and Ranch, Suburban and Rural Homes, and Apartments and Condos.

The site is worth checking out: www.holdingyourground.com.

– RM

BTW P.S.: Have YOU read the book? Post your review here, too.