Holding Your Ground’s Peculiar Washington DC Website Statistics

Ever since my Holding Your Ground book review I’ve periodically corresponded by email with HoldingYourGround.com‘s webmaster. Amongst your standard SHTF survival idle chit chat emails on one recent day, the conversation moved to web traffic and went something like this:

Holding Your Ground Webmaster Dude (HYGWD): “What’s strange is that the biggest source of traffic hitting our site comes from United States Army Special Operations Command.”

Ranger Man (RM): “…… what?”

HYGWD: “Yeah, I’ve looked at the IP addresses. The bulk of our visitors come from United States Army Special Operations Command, from various regions. Also from Defense Information Systems Agency and the Department of Defense. Those three are always in the top 20 visiting IP addresses.”

RM: “…… really?”

HYGWD: “Yes, and over on Amazon Author Central, they have book sales broken out by region. Washington DC is always number 1 out of the 100 Amazon regions in North America. In November and December, more of our books were purchased in Washington than New York and Los Angeles combined. Twice as many were purchased as Houston and Dallas combined.”

At this point my brain starts turning – “Why!? What does that mean? This is a blog post idea! Jarhead Survivor will be stoked that I’m not asking him to fill in for me again!”

I then ask for permission to blog about this and for a few screen shots to include. Webmaster Dude sent the screen shots of the sales regions and the IP addresses. I’m not going to bother posting them, though. It’s theoretically public information, but … doesn’t seem necessary. He wasn’t kidding, though. What he said was and is true.

Now granted, they don’t have a TON of traffic to their site, but it’s not terrible either. I’m sure if their site was more well established the stats from places like Special Operations Command would like drop in ranking as other sources poured in, but … it’s even  more strange when combined with the Washington DC book sale statistics. These stats HAVE to say something – but what!?

Some might theorize – they’re being watched! I doubt it. If they were being watched, those IP addresses would certainly NOT be showing up, they’d be in stealth mode!

Others might theorize – they know something we don’t! That crossed my mind, but I could be the victim of too much doomsday exposure.

Still others might theorize – military and Washington DC folks loooove this kind of stuff! That sounds more plausible – I think. There are certainly a lot of military and ex-military readers that follow this site.

I have to wonder, though …. is it weird?

– Ranger Man

BTW: If you’re curious about their foreign sale stats, these are the top countries:

1. New Zealand
2. Austraila
3. Guam
4. U.K.
5. Canada